Wisconsin’s new state tartan

What will Governor Jim Doyle be wearing under his on this blustery day?

You know, I can be really critical of government sometimes. When they do stupid stuff like spend time debating a state tartan, I am so sure I’m on the right track. (Sorry Sue, but I call ’em like I see ’em.) Read more on the St. Andrew’s Society site.

Wisconsin’s new state tartan

Let’s hope the gov wasn’t whistling the Bay City Rollers while he signed. I know! Maybe the legislature can recruit the band for an encore performance of the state song while wearing the new plaid!


  1. Maybe you should market them as a way to pay for Med school!

  2. Can’t get Voter ID passed, but we have a state tartan? Glad they have their priorities straight.

  3. Jerrold Hilton says:

    There are a large number of us who are proud of our Scottish heritage who very glad that this bill passed.

    For info on buying our Wisconsin kilt (yes I have one already) contact David Berger: dberger1408@yahoo.com

    Jerry Hilton
    Brookfield, Wisconsin

  4. Mr. Hilton – there’s no complaint with enjoying Wisconsin’s Scottish heritage. Thanks, too, for the link so Dan can find his kilt.

  5. To clarify…Nothing is worn under the kilt. It’s all in perfect working order.

    Thank you

  6. This Democrat calls folly on this bull crap.

  7. “Disingenuous Jimmy” Doyle will hook you on tartan and then role out a new “fee” for buying/wearing it.

  8. David Berger says:

    As the legislative author of on site voter registration, I can tell you your voter ID effort is nothing more than voter supression. The legislature can multi task just fine by the way, They had a 19 page calendar the day they passed the tartan bill. I’m sorry for your self centered view on life.

  9. Sorry Mr. Berger, you were identified as spam initially. That’s why it took a little while for your comment to post.