You can call me the confused white chick in the front row

Oh, race is NOT supposed to be an element to the 2008 Presidential campaign. No, it’s not. It’s not. It’s not I tell you.

Someone should tell Nas, the celebrity rapper that recently endorsed Senator Barack Obama. The file photo attached to the endorsement article has the young American sporting the “Nigger” t-shirt that he unveiled at the 2008 Grammy Awards. The shirt markets Nas’ new release under the same name.

Don’t think this latest Obama supporter is crass, though. After all his record company refused to release NIGGER in February – Black History Month. (My girlfriend Kathy would ask, “Does that mean we get a white history month now?”)


  1. Dave Frank says:

    How does this have anything to do with Barack Obama? Is it because this guy “endorsed” him? Unless he’s a superdelegate it is hardly newsworthy. This guy is an idiot so what?

  2. Gotta love a guy like you that calls ’em likes he sees ’em, Dave.

    As a middle-aged white woman I’m trying to straighten out when I’m supposed to be impressed by a public endorsement for Barack Obama.

    May I assume I shouldn’t place too much importance on this celebrity?

  3. Dave Frank says:

    I would say Nas falls somewhere between Kato Kalin and Kathi Lee Gifford…..

  4. Cindy, the endorsement wasn’t aimed at a middle-aged woman. That’s what you’re missing.

  5. So your generation goes with the “nigger” thing, huh?

  6. They are unrelated. He didn’t say “Niggers for Obama.”

    Yes, it’s crass but at the risk of replaying what many have been saying, nigger is becoming a vernacular word. It’s kind of interesting to me from a group psychology standpoint because the african-american community has taken a bad word and made it into their own.

    The same can be said for queer and fag. I don’t like it, but that’s how it is.

  7. Good grief. That’s not very comforting.

  8. Something also needs to be said about a guy who seeks out the endorsements of meat heads like John Hagee, who called the Catholic Church “The Great Whore.”

    Or what should be said about

    The point is, of course controversial people are going to endorse a candidate. It’s small potatoes to me.

  9. I’m not a Christian and I find it offensive.

  10. El gato says:

    I wonder if Shawn would go into a bar on 2oth and Center St. and ask “Hi, I just wanted to come and say hello to you niggers.” Vernacular my foot….and quickly attack a Republican, a Christian, or a conservative. An old boring tactic!

  11. It’s not my vernacular, Gato.

  12. Anyone else find it odd how black history month is the shortest month in the year???