Ode to the leaky pipe

It won’t surprise any of you that Andy Smith, Communications Director for Elmbrook Schools, is denying my request to photo/video the leaky pipe.

This mysterious pipe, supposedly in the water softener room at Central, was used by a local television station (owned by Journal Communications) just prior to the referendum vote. (Journal Communication’s editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel supported the $62.2 million effort.) I made a request that day to see the pipe for myself. If it existed, I wanted to show everyone how negligent the district had been in maintaining facilities.

If it didn’t exist – well, I guess I never considered that as an option.

Repeated attempts to gain access to the area have been denied. I tried again today. Nope. I will however be notified the next time a public tour of the mechanical facilities is scheduled.

Gee, thanks Andy. I’ve taken that to mean I shouldn’t hold my breath.

Try holding this district accountable now that they’ve taken your money. I AM trying, and they won’t allow it. Sadly, about 10 of us in all the Elmbrook district actually care.


  1. I feel a leaky pipe limerick coming on…

  2. El gato says:

    Seems as we was a’ speaking
    The pipes they was a’leaking
    But it were jes fer a’spell
    And now it seems all is well
    Though it seems awful funny
    That it’s after they got our money.