This couldn’t happen in Brookfield

No, never could happen here. Right?

State Assemblywoman Diane M. Gordon of Brooklyn was convicted on Tuesday of receiving a bribe for offering to help a developer acquire a parcel of city-owned land in her district if he would build her a free house in a gated community in Queens.


  1. What I find disappointing is the number of blacks that get into a political position and then abuse the public’s trust. It seems that on a percentage basis it is higher than among other races, but even if it’s not it’s the fact that they seem to serve themselves rather than their people. It certainly does not give me any confidence that Obama wouldn’t be subject to the same temptations.

  2. El gato, it is an odd statement. You know you’re gonna have to back something like that up with numbers.

  3. Hey guys – you can hash it out on his site.

  4. Leave him alone, he’s just fallen victim to the media which tends to report bad stories and not good ones about blacks and about all races.

  5. El gato says:

    Cindy, I don’t think one needs statistics to be disappointed. Words like “seems” do not imply that I am painting with a broad brush. A phrase like “even if it’s not” implies that I’m not certain that my conclusion is correct. I rebuted Dan on my site. Shawn I ignore here since his comprehension skills are lacking.

  6. Fine as long as you keep me out of it. I do NOT want this site labeled racist, and I’d appreciate any precautions you can take in your comments.

    I think it’s staggering how often America’s elected get caught with their pants down or full of cash. I don’t think race has ANYTHING to do with it!

  7. El gato says:

    Continuing debate with Danny on my site. I posted an interesting website for anyone who wants to see what “racist” actually is. It ain’t pretty and it ain’t white!

  8. Yea, Cindy doesn’t want to change her blog from Fairly Conservative to Unabashedly Racist.