An attitude of gratitude

Just got off the phone with the oldest. He’s enrolling in final degree work and finding that it’s still tough to manage the schedule for his optimal outcome. We talked through it all and the frustration eventually lifted. In fact, we got so involved in working things out that he is, um, “ridiculously late” for class.

While it’s frustrating to be the one they all dump on – it has its payoff eventually.

I reminded him that most of life was pretty good and that’s what would get him through a lackluster semester. I started thinking about the need to balance an attitude of gratitude with the work we do here. In this blog’s work lately the struggle for transparency has sparked some pretty heated debates. Someone mentioned to me yesterday that I must be one “tough ol’ broad” to do this kind of thing day after day. Oops, I thought, I didn’t mean to be a tough ol’ broad.

This morning it dawned on me that you all don’t always get to see the other side of Cindy, champion of (fill in the blank.) I stay pretty happy because I work with gratitude at my core. In fact, it’s exactly that attitude that buoys the hard-hitting, break-through-the-roadblock work that’s been done over the last few years. An attitude of gratitude creates the energy that the hard stuff demands.

I’m not inclined to sugar coat the public policies that need improvement in order to get a happy-faced review. But, I’ll try to show you the softer side of Cindy occasionally. If you don’t see it for a few days, don’t worry. Balance things for yourself – even if it means not reading for a few days. Try to keep in mind that this blog is an opinion – one opinion – and not the center of anyone’s world.


  1. The world needs tough old broads. They perform a valuable reality check and present opinions other than one’s own–makes life interesting and informed.

  2. We appreciate your resiliency. You are a role model for us to remain bouyant in life while staying on top of things.

  3. Cindy, freedom fighters love one another! Our country is going socialist in a big way; and since the public schools have been training our children in “the way they should go” rather than families and churches, they accept it without question.

    Jon Voigt was on Glenn Beck last night and he is proud to now be a conservative. It was quite enlightening to hear him talk about his past as a liberal Democrat before he became aware of the realities of what’s been going on. He quoted JFK’s line about “Ask not……” and says today it’s just reversed. He said there are other conservatives in Hollywood but most are afraid to “come out” for fear of retribution by the liberals who control things.

    Do not give up being honest and forthright. We don’t care if the liberals think they have all the answers and know it all. They will either learn the truth or will reap the results of the socialist trend we are on. The desire to take us where the USSR was will get us what it got them. We must speak the truth for future generations, and we can’t “go along to get along”.

  4. Very well said, El Gato.

  5. Cindy,
    Love your sense of humor, dedication to family, interesting travel notes, and… I’ll admit… your nose for news. We are fortunate that you use your superpowers for good.

  6. “superpowers”

    That’s funny. But like Kathryn, I’m glad to keep the illusion going.

    I never dreamed so many people would want to hear my opinion! It is very flattering. I will also quickly admit that I rely on you all – who have been very fruitful in your news offerings these last few months – to keep me informed. You all drive a lot of a the content here.

  7. Kudos Cindy. You keep getting jobs well done.

    Where would I be without some of your candor and advice?