Is the new Starbucks logo a little risque?

newNick wants to know. I agree, it’s a little – uh – more than I would have expected. Keep in mind this logo finds its way onto kindergarten teachers’ desks all across America. In fact, one Washington school has suggested the ever popular cardboard sleeve always be in place.

originalstarbucks.jpgAt issue? Breasts for two, and flexibility, it seems.

The design actually kicks back to this original. Read more about the history of the logo at Brand Autopsy.

For comparison, here’s the most recent logo. old


  1. Cheri M. says:

    I prefer the streamlined logo, encircled in green, and showing the long flowing hair.

    I do not see a need to depict breasts and nipples. And since our society is not familiar with two-tailed mermaids or sirens, the lower portion looks like a crotch shot. This is one of many small things which helps to define our social norms or levels of desensitivity.

    No surprise, I sent them an e-mail via their Starbucks website: You can too.

    With Alterra, Caribou, Panera, and others serving a nice coffee or fruit smoothie beverage, we can all simply choose to purchase from their competitors.

  2. Why aren’t local residents supporting local businesses, like Alterra, which is a Wisconsin success story. Starbucks has a good product but we always buy Alterra locally. If we choose a chain product over that offered by a business with headquarters in this area, we are responsible for shipping jobs elsewhere.

  3. Who says locals aren’t? My wife only buys Alterra beans at V. Richards for $7.99 a pound. She grinds them fresh for every pot she makes. She makes it so strong that if I cut it 50% I still can’t stand it. I’m a instant coffee guy for that reason. She’s tried all the premium brands and says Alterra is the best.

  4. Winegirl, I actually prefer Alterra, though I’ve found their service to be very hit or miss, depending on which Alterra I visit. For instance, I waited almost half an hour for a toasted bagel at the Alterra near Locust and Humboldt, largely because the person toasting my bagel forgot about it, burned it, and had to re-do it.

  5. Well since we’re talking preferences, I buy coffee out only a couple of times a month when I meet a favorite acquaintance of mine to chat. I’m too frugal to buy specialty coffee. I went to 8 O’clock’s 50/50 blend a few years ago and never looked back.

    The spouse brings home some fabulous stuff from his downtown Rotary meetings sometimes – Mt. Meru I think it’s called. There looks to be an Alterra connection.

  6. I like the new logo, although the nudity is a little too much.

  7. Cheri M. says:

    Hearts In Motion!
    They did a video presentation at middle school and a fund raiser was held. The video presentation showed a family which had to SAVE UP over time to get the $3.50 or so to pay for the bus ride to bring their daughter for medical attention. They could not afford bus fare and still feed their other children. Puts a whole new perspective on the price of a cup of coffee, doesn’t it?! Dan, I will be contacting Hearts In Motion coffee, I think I will feel good believing the money is going back to the farmers/laborers. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Starbucks Coffee Company e-mail response says:

    The brown logo currently appearing on cups in our U.S. company-operated locations is a temporary change, but will be used for Pike Place RoastT marketing and packaging.

    Bringing back this version of the original logo is a great way to celebrate our heritage and bring a little piece of Seattle to our stores across the country. We chose to alter our original logo based on customer feedback received during our 35th anniversary promotion.

    Thanks again for contacting Starbucks. If you have any further questions or concerns, please email us at or call (800)-235-2883 to speak with a customer relations representative.

  9. Oh a christian group why dosent that surprise me, why haven’t these people died out yet?