Acuity – how much is that flag pole?

Acuity near Sheboygan on I-43 has this thing with big flags. They spent $450,000 on a pole in 2003 only to have it crash to the ground December 2004. There’s an ongoing attempt to get a new pole ready for a new flag. The new design is swaying in the wind:

In 2003 Acuity won $7 million in incentives from the State of Wisconsin for their $40 million expansion. While they say none of the state’s money was spent on the pole, it is pretty expensive.

Of course I’m patriotic. I tear up with the flags come forward in a parade. But they’re hand held! In this time of ying and yang, taxes and spending, couldn’t Acuity have spent half a million of their own on something they had the taxpayers buy and scrapped the public display of affection?


  1. Speaking of flagpoles……..

  2. Wilson828 says:

    Acuity is not a good civic citizen. Drive by their buildings along I43, and they’re burning a lot of bulbs and wasting a lot of electricity to light up their buildings – so much for their contribution to reducing global warming and developing a ‘green’ strategy. So while they fly an oversize flag using over priced premiums from their insurance product, and profess this great citizen image, they’re really not. Ha!

  3. Good show Dan! These global warming nuts need to get a life!

  4. El Gato, maybe i’ll put it in more religion-draped terms for you: Global Warming = Apocalypse.

    HA HA HA.

  5. Who left the darn door open?

  6. You were born in a barn weren’t you?

  7. …wrapped a jacket draped in harlequin hell’s angels regalia.

    But, alas, i will try not waxing poetic.

  8. I think you all missed Wilson828’s point. Since you are having so much fun entertaining yourselves I guess I’ll let it go.

  9. Oh I got it. Acuity is pulling the same B.S. that all the contractors in Iraq, and most recipients of Pork Barrel receive. Drape yourself in patriotism and reap the rewards of government handouts.

  10. Shawn, stop being a little punk on Cindy’s website. The face-to-face option is still open to you to see if your mouth runs then.

  11. That’s one hell of a tall flagpole.

    El gato, it’s bad form to e-threaten a fellow blogger. In fact, if you’re not careful, you might find yourself in some legal trouble.

  12. I would but I’m not sure if you can wear your chaps into Panera…

  13. el gato, do you need anger management? If so, email me and I’ll provide you with a list of suitable programs in your area.

  14. Zach, did you find those during your time at HOC?

  15. Meow!

  16. Wilson828 says:

    Wow … I didn’t know I would create such controversy. Glad Cindy that you got it. The rest of you must be from New Berlin.

  17. New Berlin does seem to have that kinda problem in regards to their faction of angry extremist “conservatives.”

  18. Gato, I’ve never served time anywhere. Thanks for playing!

  19. This from your website?

    Zachary on 10 Apr 2008 at 9:08 am #

    Just like capper, I spent some time at the HOC – roughly a year – but thankfully I got an early release.

  20. If you were a regular reader, you’d have gotten the joke. To put your mind at ease, I direct you here: “Being a former employee at the Milwaukee County House of Correction…”

  21. You might have worked in the kitchen or on the license plate line.

  22. They don’t make license plates at the HOC, but my offer still stands. If you need a good anger management program, I’ve got a few places I tend to refer my clients to. Just let me know.

  23. Nope.

  24. Well that’s what he needs.