Cindy, the fair weather resident (Update)

I heard it might snow, so I’m leaving town.

Actually…the kids have a day off school so I’m adding one and taking the youngest to visit her grandparents. It’s 4 days of 80 degrees and sunshine expected in beautiful New Braunfels, Texas.

We love the trip we make every year at about this time. There’s a great set of outlet malls in the area. The weather is usually very fine. There’s a group of amazing restaurants we always get to, including Rudy’s. And the company is pleasant indeed.

I’ll have internet, so I won’t be gone completely. I’ll check comments to make sure nothing is zapped by the spam filter.

UPDATE: I’m hanging in the Best Care Club for a couple of hours waiting for the fog to clear. No worries – we had a long layover in Kansas City so everything is fine. It’s tough going out there, though. The fog is dense.


  1. Please, please, please bring me back a go-plate from the Smokehouse and a six of Big Red.