More about Elmbrooks’s budget

I fell asleep last night watching the Elmbrook budget presentation on TV. From what I can tell, the district isn’t “cutting” anything – they’re juggling money and calling it cuts. Also, there’s over $1 million going into (on purpose, as in tax and stash) the district’s general fund. The fund will stand at over $20 million. The percentage to operating is now at 21%! The district goals state it needs to be at least 15%.

Here’s the kicker, Borch (Finance guy) said he’s sure some of that money will go to solve the HVAC problem at Pilgrim Park. Yep, AC means air conditioning. So, I’m going to revise my estimate. Gibson will ask for money for gyms for Tonawanda and Hillside. He’s also going to get every remaining school air conditioned before he leaves our wallets alone.

Air Conditioning! In a community that still allows open burning of lawn waste!

Hug your wallet goodbye. It looks like they want it all.


  1. Burning causes respiratory distress; the a/c in schools is argued as a NEED because some students have respiratory problems related to the stuff in the air.


  2. I want to live in your sheltered world, Dan.

    Brookfield doesn’t enforce the ordinance. Burning can happen any day. Wind? Hah! I’ve seen flames at 40 mph. If you call no one responds. Plus if you call, your neighbors get hateful that you’ve stepped on their “right” to burn.

  3. Al Goreleone says:

    Brookfield may have been semi-rural at one time but it more like semi-urban now. The inconvenient truth is burning is bad for the environment and the respiratory system.

  4. Cheri M. says:

    People DO burning everything and anything… at any time, often unattedned. We’ve had some fire smolder in our neighborhood for 3 days… that IS chronic exposure.

    They burn in the summer, spring, winter and fall… about the rules they care NOT AT ALL.

  5. We are a city of over 50,000. If you want to burn, go to the countryside. Compost your leaves and recycle your garbage. That’s my opinion.

  6. BrkfldDad says:

    Okay, confessed burner here, especially on those Boy Scout campouts! It’s funny, both my wife and son have chronic asthma, but love to burn, doesn’t bother them at all. I agree it can become obnoxious, especially of the fuel is not dry. I wonder where the biological aversion came from. Not too long ago, everyone burned every day (there’s was no electricity to cook) and forest fires raged uncontrolled blanketing entire states with ash and smoke until they snuffed themselves out. I still think controlled burning is okay, problem is it’s not controlled at all. When we first moved here we didn’t know about the restrictions and within about 15 minutes of burning on a Wednesday a Brookfield cop was in our driveway, so they must respond to at least some calls! And, Dan, I think the velocity clause is to prevent fires from just waltzing their way to another source of tinder, and has nothing to do with the clouds of smoke. In fact, I think the higher speed winds tend to dissipate the clouds faster. But, one nice tinder taking flight could cause problems, just ask Dave Marcello. Oh no, wait, he lit that pile on purpose!