City of Brookfield Council meeting 4/15

First, congratulations to Renee Lowerr who will be sworn in for her first term as an alderwoman tonight. She beat perennial candidate Tom Schellinger in the 7th district. (Alderwoman was on her campaign signs, so I’m betting that’s what she prefers.)

Next up, the vote for Council President. Although I would very much like to see 1st district Alderman Dan Sutton in the position, I think the vote will go for 4th district Alderman Mark Nelson. Two or three aldermen/women could cross over to make it more than the 8 person majority required. This is one place where I’d love to be wrong, but probably won’t be. Nelson won’t change the committee structures other than to give seat mate Steve Ponto his much coveted position as chair of the Personnel (I know, HRPS) committee. Mahkorn will likely switch back to chair Legislative and Licensing.

Like I said, I’ll be happy to be wrong on this one.

The rest of the meeting holds two points to notice:

27. Presentation of alternate locations for Fire Station number 2 (near Capitol Drive on Calhoun Road), and Council discussion, direction and/or action on the selection of a site.

28. Request of the Community Development Department to procure consulting services relative to the Year 2035 Comprehensive Plan from Vandewalle and Associates for a total of $93,580.

The fire station relocation has erupted as a hot (sorry!) issue in the 2nd district. Alderman Rick Owen lied to residents prior to his re-election by telling them the issue would not be seen for a while. Of course, it was put to the agenda immediately after the April vote. Alderman Bob Reddin, also of the 2nd, has been door to door trying to sell neighbors to the park being gobbled on the “win/win” proposition of a station in their backyard.

I’ve received a couple of forwards from e-mails Owen sent around. Owen will support the idea tonight with a vote for the park area, even though he’ll spend a lot of time telling residents how much he values their input.

Fairly Conservative prediction: The new park/station with it’s upgrades and improvements will be renamed the Kathryn C. Bloomberg Park. Frank (Hank) Urban, Bloomberg’s husband, has been trying to get the library renamed for her for many years. This small park in the 2nd district, where Kate started as an Alderman, will finally put the issue to rest.

By the way, my neighbor has always threatened to stick a sign in the median in front of City Hall with the same name.

The other point is the contract for nearly $100,000 to plan through 2035. Right, like they stuck to the last version. I wonder why I haven’t gotten word from City Hall regarding my interest in that process…

That’s it. The meeting begins at 7:45 p.m. Here’s the full agenda.