McCain’s economic plan

Senator and presumed Republican Presidential candidate John McCain is spending a few days on an economic plan. He unveiled the plan in Pittsburgh today. You can read the details on his Web site.

Here’s one of my favorites:

John McCain Will End Policies That Contribute To Higher Transportation And Food Costs. Ethanol subsidies, tariff barriers and sugar quotas drive up food prices and hurt Americans. However, we cannot take the wrong direction and cut off trade for American goods.


  1. Wouldn’t it be good if the voters knew that the president can’t do any of the things they promise on the campaign trail unless his party is in complete control of the congress and has agreed to all of the promises? The president can only sign legislation that is sent to him! The best thing the president has going for him is the bully pulpit so he can get the voters to put pressure on congress. He can promise to veto any legislation that will harm the taxpayers and list those things he thinks are bad.

  2. Cut, cut, cut. No new taxes! Oh shucks, we have trillions of dollars in debt that need to be paid off. We don’t just need to balance the budget, we need to create a surplus to pay off our debts, darnit!

  3. Are you willing to pay more taxes? If so, the IRS always accepts voluntary contributions from anyone who’d like to give them.

  4. Here’s an interesting comparison.