Oh my, look at those miles add up

Well it’s official. Delta has joined forces with Northwest – who had joined with Midwest a few months ago. (Ok, not formally, but the frequent flyer miles work that way.) We are now the proud owners of more consolidated miles than I ever thought could exist.

Or not.

To be honest, it all makes me a little nervous. We bank frequent flyer miles like I remember my parents managing the passbook savings account. There are receipts and statements and online shopping bonuses and the well loved credit card. Now I’m beginning to wonder if the miles will even exist when it comes time to use them.

I flew on miles to Morocco recently. Almost all of our domestic travel has been on miles or the other wonder to flexible travel: vouchers received from a voluntary bump. Now, sadly, the spreadsheet holding the family travel future seems at risk.

I guess I’ll have to give up calling Northwest by our favorite nickname of Northworst. On the flip side, it looks like I could have more locations to choose from than ever before. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it all works out.


  1. Ah, but you can use those Delta miles on Air France (snippy, but good–and the food!) and KLM. I’m betting your miles carry over to the new brand.

  2. It’s a shame I don’t have a Delta credit card!

  3. Winegirl says:

    Does this mean my Midwest and Northwest and Delta and KLM and Air France miles can be consolidated? I have enough to take us to Mars and back, but they aren’t always easy to use.
    Midwest made it pretty easy to use their miles for flights, hotels and auto rentals–we’ve done vacations where we didn’t spend a dime. But for flights to Europe, that’s another story. And I am going into Europe withdrawal now since we haven’t been there for a year—-

  4. Dave Frank says:

    I will admit it warms my heart to think that Northwest will cease to exist. I have enough horror stories from that airline to write my own blog. My favorite is the one where they left the cargo door open and figured it out as we were beginning take-off, but I digress.

    I am again worried this means the end of Midwest. The JS did a nice story on it in today’s paper. My guess is the regulators won’t like the 47% stake Delta will now have in Midwest. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    Hey, I look at it this way. If prices don’t increase too much, and this opens a more flexible travel schedule for me, then I am all for it. Combined lifetime on Delta, Northwest and Midwest I probably have about 3,000,000 miles. Frankly over time Northwest’s service has been no worse than others. It comes and goes in spurts. While I love Midwest, I can’t get there from here (both schedule and price) with them probably 30%+ of the time, so alternatives are always used. And frankly (real-time opinion here) after experiencing first hand their MD80 snafu last week, and how they handled it, I really do prefer an airline that has more than one alternative solution to getting me out of a destination (last Thursday Midwest told me they could get me out TODAY(!), there was no other alternative – of couse until I got nasty with them). And Cindy, don’t fret – Northworst, could become Delays Expected Late Travel Always.

  6. Winegirl, I don’t know about consolidating with partner carriers, but it’s worth asking about. When we call Delta to use our miles, they often tell us there is nothing available, but then we ask them to check their partners and we get booked. Also, if you call back often, you can improve your itinerary–fewer connections–as seats open up. Not easy, but it’s free.

  7. I am very excited about this! We have Delta employees in the family, so my options for free travel are just about to go “kabloom!”

    I am a fan of Midwest, our hometown carrier, but their prices are often a little too much for me, and their destinations are not extensive enough.

    We’ve always gotten great service on Delta, never lost any bags, and even get free first class upgrade when the seats are open.

    I’m not going to start squawking about antitrust etc. because i am sitting pretty, and because both airlines will get the shaft if they don’t merge.

  8. If you have Delta employees in the family, what difference does it make if the combine with Northwest?

  9. Now not only will we get Delta destinations, but also Northwests destinations, Air France, and their other partners. Not to mention on Delta routes where there would be a layover, we can get a nonstop flight.

  10. BrkfldDad says:

    More destinations available at the ‘family’ discount…