What’s scarier than a mean Scott Berg?

A nice Scott Berg.

Berg, a 5th district alderman, and I have gone round and round about his not quite fulfilling an open records request. Today the e-mails were ready for me at City Hall. I wasn’t even asked to pay for the copies.

I also requested a few months phone bills from his cellular phone hoping to catch the 800 number he claimed to have called. From his e-mail April 7th:

The writer included only his name, which I can’t remember, and I noted the email was written on a company email account. I went to the company web site (part of the email address) and saw they did market analysis for placement of restaurants, etc. and recognized there are similarities with the station placement problem. E.g. Voronoi Diagrams. I called the contact number (toll free 800 number – they never show up on phone bills) on the web site and spoke to someone in sales management. He said the guy was new in their Chicago office (and he lives in Brookfield?). That’s when I decided this was more of a sales fishing expedition than a resident’s question. Nonetheless, I emailed him back to contact the city clerk for a copy of the task force report. As far as I know, he never did.

Perhaps you could talk to your source again for the name. If the guy is spreading rumors about me when all he did was lose a sale before it was made, he’s pretty unprofessional. [Emphasis mine]

His tone from this April 7th e-mail is much, much different from his conciliatory tone in today’s letter. He found the name and the e-mails.

His phone bills show several 800 numbers listed.