Bucyrus (Buc-eye-rus) International

The event is being held on a manufacturing floor at Bucyrus, a Milwaukee manufacturing company.

Panelists for today’s event: Pat Jones, Chairman and CEO of A.O. Smith; Tim Sullivan, CEO of Bucyrus; Bill Petasnik, CEO of Froedtart; Mark Vachon, CEO of GE Healthcare Global Diagnostic Imaging; Kendall Powell, CEO of General Mills; Jon Hammes, Chairman and CEO of Hammes Company; Curt Culver, Chairman and CEO of Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Company; Ed Zore, CEO of Northwestern Mutual; John Torinus, Chairman of Serigraph Incorporated; Gale Klappa, Chairman and CEO of Wisconsin Energy Corporation; Michael Knetter, Dean of the Business School for Wisconsin Business School; and Jim Haney, representing Wisconsin Manufacterer’s & Commerce.


  1. That’s how the press packet showed it. I’d say “BOO-sigh-russ”

  2. Thing “Frodo ate a tart.” Froughtart. The packet gave us “fray-dert”