Calhoun Road widening hits a snag

At least that’s what I’d call blowing through a water main AND a gas line. The event caused some roadside flooding. It also created quit a sink hole.


I’m sure City Hall will spin the accident as a “win/win” in the next day or so.


  1. Winegirl says:

    Oh my dear lord, what happened here?

    And have you all seen the mess they are making along Lilly Road with that unwanted sidewalk. The people who live along that road must be heartsick with the incredible mess the city is making in their yards. It seems that if they can do more damage, let ‘er rip. The trees were hacked up with limbs cut off by the sidewalk committee and the power company. Heavy equipment is run over the root zones. Those trees will all die (Master Gardener speaking here.) They may as well clear cut. But they’ll have a sidewalk to nowhere.

    Now–if the city would only pass an ordinance that REQUIRES walkers and bikers to actually USE the sidewalks and bikepaths when available. I can’t tell you how many people I see walking, jogging and biking in the middle of busy streets where a bike path is available. We pay a small fortune to build these pathways (and I’m all for it.) So what is it that precludes people from using them? This is a hazard to motorists. Doesn’t road courtesy apply to pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike?

  2. does anyone know what happened at the hearing for Mike Sprinkel today?

  3. Re: Sprinkel – yep. Extradition as planned.

  4. Lucky Lady says:

    Oh my god, is that their front yard??? Maybe they are installing an inground pool? I feel so bad for those home owners. Nice job, Brookfield.

  5. I ran into Alderman Blackburn while I was taking the pictures (what a nice guy!) and he thought it was about 40 feet by 20 feet. It looked about 10 feet deep. You can see the ladder in the picture.

    If there was a car in the garage, they’ll be driving across their yard and the neighbor’s to get it out.

    I wonder if there’s a soil problem. It’s a pretty big hole that washed out quickly. That might be bad news for the road.

  6. Cahoun Road is a wreck right now. I also feel terrible for those who have heavy machinery just parked in their front yard for days! The residents must be sick about it.

    Maybe this and the development at Ruby farms will help VK afford a new wing on his palace. I know he needs the extra space.

    Also, please note that there is a small family-owned greenhouse every spring/summer on Calhoun Road just south of Ruby Farms. It’s a nice business that sells fabulous perennials and annuals. Don’t forget to support them during the construction even if it means going out of your way a little!

  7. I don’t know if you heard, but the owner just passed away. The family plans to keep the place open for the season, but the City of Brookfield is looking into purchasing the 9+ acres. They’ll need it for the new interchange that VK wants.

  8. How sad! I’m assuming the land will sell. Will this affect the park across the street too?

  9. Yes, the park across the street and the one NE of the highway, too. I’ll try to get a map up today.

  10. Dave Frank says:

    So will there be an interchange at Calhoun and 94 under the current plan? I thought that had not been determined yet.

  11. Dave, a split-diamond interchange at Calhoun has been part of the Master Plan for years.

  12. Dave Frank says:

    Gotcha. Okay next stupid question: What is a split-diamond?

  13. You get a whole new post for your answer.

  14. So, I have to go pick up a sick kid at Swanson. They are still working in the vicinity of this hole. No flag men today. The northbound lane is blocked by a dump truck, and drivers get to self-regulate bypassing the large obstacle. Road looks clear, I pull into the oncoming lane and pass the parked truck, only to find a bulldozer barreling south in the northbound lane. I can’t get back where I’m supposed to be without getting squashed, so I’m driving in the wrong lane too. Where is the ***# flag crew?

  15. Trust me, the fun has only begun for you Swanson parents. Sorry.

  16. Lucky Lady says:

    Pretty soon City of Brookfield will pave over all of our park land. After all, it doesn’t bring in any revenue. I wish quality of life mattered to residents not directly in line with the bull dozers. Let’s see, two parks needed for an interchange, half of one needed for a new fire station. Take a look at some of the people that we’ve elected. They’re changing the whole face of Brookfield.

  17. Robert Sweet says:

    Well folks, this is my front yard, quite a mess isnt it? We had poop in the basement and had to go to a hotel for two days. WE Energies fixed up most everything, but we lost a tree and some concrete, and got gravel unbtil the “unwanted” street and sidewalks are done. we uysed to have two Pine trees int he front yard, but the city is taking them for “temporary” easement during the construction project and given us a pitance for their valus. these trees are at least 50 years old and 40+ feet high. so sad.
    Bob Sweet

  18. Bob, thanks for saying hello. I know I speak for everyone that comments here – you have more than paid your dues for the “privilege” of living in Brookfield.

    Keep in touch.

  19. Lucky Lady says:

    Mr. Sweet, I think what happened to you and your home is a shame. I’m sure all your neighbors agree. I wonder when residents of Brookfield will wake up and smell the coffee. City Hall’s sights are now aimed at the northside park to accomodate a fire station. Why does everything in Brookfield have to be overblown? When will the city listen to its residents? Obviously mature trees aren’t of much value to the city. Hang in there during the road reconstruction, Bob.