Elmbrook, could you plan just a little better?

From the MJS:

In a report, however, the committee recommends that the district study whether to move its administration offices out of the Hope St. building and into a smaller space, perhaps an addition to be built at a school or space leased in a commercial building.

So a committee gets together and decides that maybe CAO could head to smaller quarters. Have any of you been there lately? The building’s interior just finished a major remodeling that includes several new walls and a whole lot of redesign. How much did that cost a few months before the Operations and Finance Committee decided that it might be a good idea for the central office to (choke) lease space?

The board as directed by the administration wastes money. They put expensive smart boards in non-teaching space. They remodel a building they may vacate. They let pipes leak without repair. And they want more. More money, more trust, more reasons to build the kingdom.

My sincere thanks to committee member Glen Allgaier. He alone is suggesting that the excess room in Elmbrook grade schools might signal a need for fewer of them. Imagine, taxpayers, how much more space would be generated in Elmbrook’s six K-5 schools if 10% of the non-resident enrollment weren’t there. Closing a school (or two, as I argue) will save millions in facility costs, teacher salaries, and reoccurring energy costs. It would be a significant boost to the district’s operating budget even with a loss of outside student revenue.


  1. Sounds like the same mentality the City Hall uses with their new addition right after the huge remodeling they did a few years ago. Cindy its like you can [edited – use the word “complain” here] all you want but government is hell bent on painting themselves “Stupid”.

  2. Uhhhh, WHO’s stupid? They’re getting us to foot the bill. Call it irresponsibile and I’ll tend to agree, but it’s not stupid. No sireeeee sir!

  3. Hi Anon, lets face it , we (citizens) have all the right to complain about city spending, school administration spending. But when they take up thinking like they do it is ruthless stupidity on spending the limitless funds they have because we as taxpayers can complain all we want . ” This is an average comment. Thank you for calling that is an interesting point of view, I will pass it on and take it into consideration”. To remodel a building and then think of going some where else and do the same thing with the same people occupying the space is not irresponsible, its stupid. I don’t want to pay for that kind of stupid thinking.
    Privitize education like Brookfield Acadamy and you get twice the bang for the same buck.

    Public education can succeed . The Arrowhead School district is really amazing with there accomplishments and the contributions from the private sector , especially those with no children in the system. They too have some luxury in there school system, but being paid for privately. Management is very good out there also. Change of the Administrator coming up so it will be interesting to see if they want to steal Gibson from us.