Final wrap up

I have to say there was a good flow of information here. I’ll also say that these business leaders don’t sound as doom and gloom as the press would have you believe.

McCain exits a second time to standing applause. Very subtle jazz kicks in again as the room clears.


  1. Cindy, this was great! Thanks so much for sharing the event with us.

  2. I wonder if there is a coorelation between news of the economy and the party that the majority of the press supports ?

  3. Lucky Lady says:

    Leapin, you hit it right on the head. It’s too bad that the press can’t be objective in their reporting. I’ve learned which news outlets to tune into. I wish the masses would figure it out.

  4. Um McCain is the darling of the press. He even got doughnuts at a recent press event. McCain has gotten a free ride.

  5. But did they offer him a pillow?

  6. No there’s no denying that McCain gets a fee ride. This isn’t even debatable…he’s not scrutinized at all.

    And before Cindy comes in and says it’s the Democrats fault for not ending their “fight” it’s still the job of the media to cover both sides.

    And I know it scares some people to see Democracy and democracy in action , but let’s not use democracy as an excuse.

  7. Everybody wants to control the media, and when we don’t like how it’s going for our candidate we claim bias. If McKane were not in a strong position and was not being scrutinized, his side would complain about lack of coverage. He will have his day.

  8. Don’t worry Shawn. I’m sure McCain will get his share. Right now the real race is between the Democrats. Once that is settled, he’ll be under the microscope again.

  9. BrkfldDad says:

    Who needs scrutiny when Lieberman volunteers to star at the Republican convention?!

  10. Ew.