How important is the tax rate to businesses?

Torinus says we have 40.1% in Wisconsin while other countries are more at 12%. He admits it doesn’t weigh into his business decisions very much as he heads a moderately sized business. (Serigraph)

Fiorina said it mattered at HP, especially when it came to where to park the cash.

Immigration is next – he feels quotas aren’t good for America. “The federal government has failed in its responsibilities to enact comprehensive immigration reform,” says McCain. It has an impact on productivity and economy when America isn’t able to attract and retain immigrant workers. A strong immigrant work force adds to America’s success. That’s not to be confused with open borders that let criminals pass through them. Congress must manage this issue.


  1. Winegirl says:

    The business tax rate and regulatory environment is the reason why so many businesses are headquartered in Dakota and Delaware. However, I firmly believe that it’s the PERSONAL tax rates that the “deciders” pay that determines where businesses are located. The “deciders” don’t like the personal income taxes in Wisconsin (which are high), the property tax rates (which are quite simply some of the highest in the country,) the sales tax (those that got pay more when they buy their Mercedes,) and the estate tax (which did not track with the federal estate tax exemption until recently.) You have really got to like it here and feel you are getting a lot for all that tax dollar you are forking over.

    Used to be the services, amenities and education system here kind of justified what we are paying, but the rest of the country caught up. Our schools are just OK but expensive (and I’d guess that few CEO’s have kids in public schools,) our roads are horrendously maintained, local and state governments are costly due to the lush public servant benefits but deliver only average quality services. You have to question what you get for your money by locating in Wisconsin.

    I firmly believe the personal tax impact is the dirty little secret that business location committees don’t like to publicize. However, if you were part of a group that decides where to locate, and to locate in Wisconsin was going to cost you plenty more than locating in Texas, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Florida, Washington, Nevada, Wyoming or Alaska (all no income tax states,) how would you be inclined?