Is Paul Bucher planning a run in the 99th?

I think that might be the case. His wife’s blogs have disappeared. Donald Pridemore, who currently holds the seat, had about a $6,000 balance net of personal loans. The primary would be in September.

Pridemore supported Paul Bucher’s opponent in the Republican primary for State Attorney General.

Pridemore ousted the district incumbent in 2004. He won the 3 way Republian primary by about 200 votes. His platform was primarily TABOR related, and TABOR is yesterday’s news.

I’m betting you’ll be hearing an announcement soon. It’s fund raising time.


  1. Might want to check your sources…

  2. Patrick – this is speculation on my part. There are no sources. Speculating is part of what we do.

  3. I’m quite familiar with Don from the ABATE meetings in Hartford. He’s a good conservative and a strong supporter of freedom from government intrusion into our lives.

  4. Cindy, why?

  5. Why what?

  6. Ahh, like the National Enquirer, now I understand.

  7. Yep. Only for political junkies!

    Actually, I did a little checking and Bucher still has an active campaign account. It’s more than $40,000 in the hole though. Might dampen my theory just a bit…

  8. I’m sorry for derailing a thread so near to my heart but…What, exactly, would qualify as an “hilarious” American Flag Tie?

  9. Yeah, Paul was so successful getting Gleisner elected, he’d be a real shoe in against Pridemore who actually represents ans responds to his constituents. Remember, in the only race for public office Bucher ever had an opponent he got trashed by Van Hollen who wouldn’t be lectured by Paul Bucher on family values. Putting that aside, why should the party give him any money after his abysmal and not forgotten appearance on court tv, his bitter attitude in the AG race, doing ads for a very liberal appeals court candidate and being broke, well actually worse than broke? If they throw Pridemore overboard for Bucher we need to find a good liberal candidate to take the seat.

  10. The “why” is about the whole post. Why speculate like this?

  11. Why not? My comments didn’t harm anyone. Bucher spent almost 20 years as a public servant. He obviously has a track record that he can do it.

    We’re coming upon the season of announcements for the November partisan elections. There’s a lot of rumbling in the background. This gave an opportunity to flesh out the possibility.

    I’m open to other suggestions.

  12. Cindy is right says:

    He will run for something unless Jess does and convinces him to be a stay at home dad. He has one more to put through college when he is 65 years old. Think about that. An empty bank account and a three year old don’t bode well for that prospect.

  13. Wilson828 says:

    Matt Thomas, why do you post anything on your blog? What a goofy question.

  14. What’s goofy about it?

  15. A couple of posts around the blogs indicated he was planning a run fro something. Heard any further reports?

  16. Not a word. He may have measured a response from all of this and changed his mind…

  17. Karl Skarpowitz says:

    Maybe he will reconsider. We need healthy legislators to keep our healt costs in line.

    “Last week the JS reported on district attorneys in the state who’ve piled up a lot of sick leave. The leader was McBride’s husband, Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher, who has amassed $158,000 worth of unused sick leave he can apply toward retiree health insurance. Bucher hadn’t claimed a sick day since 1999. And though his wife is a journalist, he did not respond to reporters’ calls for comment. “

  18. I don’t understand why people get sick leave when they aren’t sick. That is such a waste of money! It seems to me that we have a barter system…I give you my time to work and the employer gives me pay for that time. If I’m not working I don’t get paid. I agree with two weeks maximum paid vacation and holiday pay as well as paid time off if one is truly sick…but to be paid for sick time when one is not sick seems like a stupid thing. Accumulation for pay is insane! Is this only in government that this occurs?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Maybe there is still something happening. I got a call from a reporter asking questions about Paul. The reporter knows me from a previous life when I was more closely involved with Paul. I know nothing and told the reporter so. Maybe CK was not just speculating. CK where di you see $40 k in hole? I decided to llok and thought I saw a positive balance on the last report.

  20. The report is an abomination! Instead of the easy-to-read let’s-get-it-right version, his are text. There are positive balances in both “cash” and loans. When you trace the loans, they’re all from his personal accounts. The loans are about 45k and the cash balance about 5k if I remember correctly. If you take the time to match up the number’s with Pridemore’s easy to read version it pans out. I’ve got it on spreadsheet if you want it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Alright since math isn’t my forte’ I think I now get what you are saying. I saw the = $5k and thought that was after repaying the loans. I’m sure you understand that the reason for personal loans to the campaign is so that if over time people continue to contibute out of the goodness of their heart or in anticipation of another campaign the cnadidate use the future donations to take his money out.

    After your explanation, I won’t need the spreadsheet but do you know if this was a rollover of his ten or so campaigns for DA?

    What would be more interesting is to see what he received and paid or took out during those years and what was left to transfer to the last campaign.



  22. I don’t know if it was a rollover. Those would be at the county clerk’s. (It’s so much easier to pull them out of the sky on a wireless network!)

    It did seem, and it’s another reason for speculation, that he could roll this account into another campaign. In my mind he’d be able to pay himself back from the future fund raising. Public office can be big business with some of our legislatures funding trips, club memberships, and gala dinners out of their accounts.

    It would be a whole lot easier to trace if his reports didn’t look like a dog’s breakfast.

  23. Carolyn Spieth says:

    The lawyer regulation system is established to carry out the supreme court’s constitutional responsibility to supervise the practice of law and protect the public from misconduct by persons practicing law in Wisconsin.

  24. Anonymous says:

    It would be sad if someone decided to run for public office just to get back money for contributors that he leant to a previous campaign.

  25. Anonymous says:

    We know how much it costs to buy a Supreme Court seat these days. What’s the price for an assembly district?