The panel is seated

Carly Fiorina will moderate the discussion.

McCain starts things off by talking about two points: a gas holiday and the housing and mortgage crises. He’s also concerned that student loans will be affected by the “credit crunch.”

He’s mentioning taxes. There’s a little “straight talk” requesting a simpler tax code. McCain knows it will be tough because of the special interests that lobby for code changes to fulfill the industry desires.

Pork barrel spending continues to increase. $35 billion dollars were tacked onto the last budget.

I love this idea. Do you think we could get it to fly at City Hall and the school district, too?

Free trade is important to a strong economy. Community colleges are the place to go for training displaced workers. Healthcare reform and energy security are on today’s agenda.

Energy imports are half our trade deficit.

P.S. Froedtert was misspelled in the press packet. Fiorina missed the pronunciation in her introduction.