We’re back.

A bathroom break (yes, Carly is safe to share the pretzel bowl) and some fine catering later, the panel is reseated.

McCain is still here. Surprisingly, so is 80% of the crowd.

Left to right: Klappa, Wisconsin Energy; Sullivan, Bucyrus; McCain, Powell, General Mills; Zore, Northwestern Mutual; Haney, Wisconsin Manufacturers; and Hammes, Hammes Company.

The talk is free trade. McCain cites unintended consequences as the cause for steel prices to double since the increase in tariffs. The tariffs allowed the companies to consolidate and reorganize as a few working more near a monopoly says Sullivan.

McCain is rather like a fox when discussing economics. The majority of Americans don’t understand basic economics, so he’s dumbing down in order to be more like the voters. His questions, the point he clarifies? McCain gets it.

The guy is sharp. The flow of conversation is not forced. Points are made and clarified smoothly.

Haney reports that Wisconsin exports are up in the last couple of years. Wisconsin is second to Indiana in manufacturing jobs.


  1. Glad you washed your hands, Cindy. I *knew* you would! (Have a pretzel for me.) ;o)