Brookfield Mayor moonlights as landlord

City of Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker and his wife bought a 20 unit apartment complex in Milwaukee last spring. The building, located at 4505 through 4525 N. 36th Street, is valued at $439,800. View an interactive picture of the property with Google’s street view. Imagine, 20 units for $100,000 more than the average Brookfield home!

Speaker is heading to court at the end of this month with his first two eviction cases. I suppose he’ll need a little time off from his day job to talk to the judge. The Speakers, of all people, should know how tough eviction can be. Any one can have a bad year.

By the way, my apologies to KathleenM. Speaker’s purchase last spring was a tip from MJS reporter Lisa Sink. I had said earlier Sink hadn’t been a source to the blog. I’d forgotten about this one.

UPDATE: See Speaker’s video on WISN.


  1. VK told him to plan for the days he is out of office and get a gig as a real estate intern.

  2. Big deal, he has an income property. Just like a lot of other suburban residents. Landlords have a right to sue to recover missed rent, damage done by a tenant, etc. Get over it!

  3. I’m not sure where that came from, but we’re so proud of you for weighing in 11 months later.

    This IP matches the one for History Buff who SWORE he was done with us! I guess the blog is simply irresistible.