Fischer’s September 2007 vacation

The time sheet says 12 more hours. That’s 221 vacation hours for 2007.

The state also sent this:

Under Senate policy, vacation leave is earned as follows, based upon experience as an employee of the Senate:

1-5 years 10.00 hours/month 120 hours/year 15 days/year
5-10 years 13.34 hours/month 160 hours/year 20 days/year
10-15 years 14.68 hours/month 176 hours/year 22 days/year
15-20 years 16.68 hours/month 200 hours/year 25 days/year
20 + years 18.00 hours/month 216 hours/year 27 days/year

Employees also are generally entitled to 4.5 personal days per year which, for continuing employees, are earned on January 1 of each year.

Kevin Fischer says he’s worked for the state for “a gazillion years.” I suspect it’s fewer than that. But it looks like vacation is based on when he’s been employed by the Senate. He started with Lazich in May 2005. That would be 19.5 days or 156 hours. Also, still no confirmation on carrying over hours from the last year.

Sadly, no matter how many attempts I make to find out how many hours Kevin Fischer actually gets a year, no one will answer. I’ve tried asking several ways. Nada. Today’s explanation: “Employees are notified via their paycheck stub each month regarding their current vacation balance.” In an earlier request I asked for copies of the pay stubs and was told they do not exist.

Sigh. It seems we’ll never know for sure. In the meantime, rest in the confidence that state employees like Kevin Fischer have 31.5 days a year in vacation/personal time. Let see…31.5/250 working days (no weekends or holidays, approximately) and it’s 12.6% of his career year spent off the clock.

Multiply that by a few “gazillion” state employees and you’re talking time. And money.


  1. “The time sheet says 12 more house.”

    Thought you were going to tell us more properties had to be taken for fire stations! LOL.

  2. As always, thanks for the help.

  3. Cindy, to be fair you shouldn’t lump all state employees together with Keving Fischer, because I know a bunch of state employees who work a heck of a lot harder each and every day to keep our state up and running. Don’t lump those good folks who work hard together with someone like Fischer.