Going for broke

I’m toying with the idea of monetizing the blog. The idea started when I had that long airplane discussion with Damiano. Then last week the spouse handed me an article on Dooce in the Wall Street Journal.

Ms. Armstrong’s fan base is a powerful lure for advertisers. Neither she nor her husband will discuss ad revenue, but they and the Internet rating service Quantcast say that Dooce draws about four million page views per month. In a “quick back-of-the-envelope guesstimate,” Shani Higgins, Technorati’s vice president, business development, estimates the site could yield $40,000 a month in revenue from companies coveting her traffic, such as BMW and Verizon.

I figure, hey, you guys buy stuff, right? Granted I’m not at quite that number of page views (oh, please get the joke here), but last month was almost 41,000. No, that doesn’t count hits from me.

But I know this town. There are some people around here that pitch a fit if I go to the bathroom. And, I’m the girl that loaded Firefox with adblock because of the naked lady weight loss ads that the NOW site kept running.

Surely you won’t let me down. Let me know what you think.


  1. I understand there is quite a bit of money to be made from blogs, and would certainly not begrudge you the opportunity!

  2. I’ve got Adblock so it’s fine with me!

  3. Lucky Lady says:

    You should get compensated for your time. Just don’t go too far afield. I appreciate your local insights.

  4. I’m frugal, but ads from restaurants, plant shops, hardware stores, booksellers, and local things to see and do would be a hit from me personally.

    Everyone needs to eat, and when that can double as entertainmant and/or celebrate a special event (straight-A’s report cards, for example), even I tend to open my wallet.

    Most of my pastimes have to do with little touches for home improvement or quality of lifestyle… there’s gardening, knitting, cake decorating, and reading to start the list. Then there’s the actual repair, replace, maintain, upgrade which calls for copious hours of wandering day-dreamily through the aisles of Ace, Lowes, Home Depot to name a few. Trips to Halquist quarry for rocks and stone for the garden are regularly on my fair-weather to-do list.

    Oh, and classes for the kid! There’s artist-and-display, Michaels, and any number of places that offer kids’ events.

    So, yes, I guess I am a shopper and would be interested to see some ads which match me as a demographic customer.

  5. Dan, not off to a good start I see……..

    “It’s been an awfully time….”

  6. Cheri, you are one in a million!