I’m going to be messing with the site a bit. You’ll already find the “tag cloud” reduced to a drop down “categories” list. I’m not disciplined enough to blog with both “categories” and “tags.” You’d have to go through the software to understand. I reserve the right to change my mind on this one, but it looks like very few of you actually used the tags.

I’m going to spend the rainy upcoming weekend:

1) Cutting my fingernails. I make tons of mistakes when they get too long. See, I knew you’d care.
2) Catching up with a high school girlfriend by e-mail. Our daughters are the same age that we were when we hung out the most. It’s time to compare stories. (Trust me, my kid is much, much better behaved than I was, so there won’t be very many.)
3) Transcribing Aunt Ann’s letters. I received the official OK from my father-in-law to get started on the story. We’ll see where it leads. I think I’m going to set up a separate site to manage the research.
4) Scoping out moonshots on Saturday and then take them on Sunday. A full moon rises at 8:26pm Sunday. I have a couple of ideas. Of course, yours are always welcome, too.
5) Finishing off a few movies from the Brookfield Library.

Happy weekend!