Shake, rattle and roll

You know I think I felt the earthquake. At the time I attributed the sensation to the dog jumping up on the bed. Of course, now I realize the dog was probably jumping up on the bed because he felt it, too. It was one of those get-off-my-foot-you-stupid-dog moments in the middle of a good night’s sleep, and I didn’t think anything of it until I turned on the news this morning.

And you?


  1. I didn’t feel this one, but if you recall…there was another one back in 2004. We had just brought our son home from the hospital and my husband and I were taking turns sleeping on the floor next to his bassinet (he was hooked up to a bili blanket machine.) I remember the bed shaking back and forth, and thinking it was my husband trying to wake me to switch to the floor. When I realized that he was still fast asleep, I was convinced the house had been hit by a car or something had exploded in the basement. I woke him (by now, the other kids were up and freaking out because they had felt it also) and made him run around the house looking to see if we could figure it out. He was convinced that I was a total postpartum nut job! It wasn’t until the morning – when we saw it on the news – that I was able to convince him otherwise.

  2. I woke up to my lampshade rattling and bed shaking. I happened to look at the clock and it was 4:40am. I woke up my husband and yelled “earthquake!”. He mumbled that it was probably just a truck rolling down Calhoun. Embarrassed that I thought it was an earthquake, I rolled over and fell back asleep. It wasn’t until this morning that I found out my initial reaction was right.

  3. I doubt that any tremors here were THAT strong!

  4. Aw, Shaky, it happened so fast that Director of All Things Dean Marquardt (in this case acting as Director of Emergency Management) didn’t even get to sound a siren.

    We pretty much take people for their word around here. Oh ye of little faith.

  5. I’m making a sandwich for lunch with all the baloney. Anyone got some mayonnaise? Oops! I gotta go watch the flying saucer hovering over the backyard!

  6. Shaky,
    I assure you, I have better things to do than lie around waiting for earthquakes in the Midwest to occur so that I might have the opportunity to fabricate stories on local blogs.
    I am afraid you will have to find something else for lunch. 🙂

  7. Lucky Lady says:

    I woke up to my lampshade rattling too. I got up, tightened the fitting and wondered if the water softener was malfunctioning or something. I never thought of an earthquake, but I will next time. It really shook the house.

  8. I tightened the lampshade fitting too! It seemed to be shaking for a lot longer than 30 seconds, prompting me to get up out of my cozy bed and tighten it. Shaky, I never felt an earthquake until today, and I am sure that I wouldn’t just make the story up for your entertainment! Most of my co-workers felt it too.