The fickle finger of Obama

Did he or didn’t he? Oh, he flipped Clinton off all right. The crowd knows it and responds accordingly.

Watch this April 17th rally video from North Carolina (direct from the Obama campaign) and see how physical his gestures are for this speech.

Here are some cues to look for:

1:15 scratches his cheek with his middle finger during a speech pause, followed by an ear-to-ear grin
1:25 gives a digging motion – watch his face
1:43 twists the knife
2:25 brush off
2:54 brushes off pants

Of course he meant it. The crowd KNOWS he meant it, and they respond in cheers.

There’s been a lot of talk in this election about age. Is McCain too old? Is Obama too young? Forget age. It’s time to consider maturity.

Sight gags like this show a national clown, not a national leader.


  1. So the really stupid attacks have begun. Maybe you should have moderated the ABC debates?

    He scratches his face with two fingers. Look closely. And in the event that it was a middle finger, he doesn’t even respond to doing that, he respond the the audience which is cheering for what he said.

    Obama was playing to his audience (something you’ve mentioned before about politicians and McCain in particular.)

    You don’t understand the cultural references…not to mention the fact that saying you will “brush something off” is not really immature. I’m not blaming you for not understanding the culture.

    Not to mention he itches himself like that all the time. You would know that if you’ve been watching him closely and not just when controversy arises.

    But then I get jumped on whenever I mentioned McCain’s first wife who waited for him to return from Vietnam until she was disfigured in a tragic car accident. So Johnny Mac moonlighted with a younger, prettier, and wealthier Cindy Hensley.

    Maybe i’m pointing the finger (pun intended) in the other direction as Gato will surely bring up, but something as trifling as a two-finger itch is enough for you to consider but all McCain foibles aren’t. Welcome to the beltway, boys and girls.

    I’ll take “immaturity” over infidelity any day.

  2. Well that was predictable.

  3. I guess sometimes a mediocre attack is met with a mediocre response.

  4. You’re right Shawn, I noticed your deflection right away. Cindy better be careful or you’ll be on her like you are on me. Barack Hussein is off limits!

  5. So is shooting pidgins off your bird feeder with a BB gun, but you still do that.

  6. Boys, boys. Take it off site.

  7. BrkfldDad says:

    Can’t beleive I am coming down on this side of this one, but I don’t see it. If you zoom in, it’s two fingers and the crowd reacts prior to the scratch to the ‘in her element’ comment. Much adieu about nothing.

    Speaking of Pidgeons, did you see Cheney’s comment at the Press Club dinner that Hillary got the Bosnia sniper fire story (bullets flying around her head) confused with the time he took her hunting. It was a great joke.

  8. That IS funny!

  9. It is getting attention, though. Here’s a link with a still photo from a different angle.

  10. That’s one finger for a fact! It’s just the way one does it when trying to be subtle about it. Barack Hussein lovers can deny it all they want, but he did it.

    I’ll ignore the little boy and just say that there have never been any pidgins in my area.

  11. Git that dirt off ya shoulda... says:

    Regardless of “bird flipping”, his pop culture references in this video (that clearly shot right over some older heads) show a man in touch with both his audience and a new generation of voters hoping for SERIOUS change in this country. I think his ablity to read people shows he will make a great president some day as us young gunners clean up the current mess.

  12. Such is the decided subject of a looong blog next week.

  13. Kelly Frank says:

    So face scratching is what is getting our attention at this point of the game, huh? Glad to see that we have our priorities straight.

    I am 100% with Shawn on this one. He does a lot of face scratching in a relaxed setting. Even the photo does not reflect what you say it does.

    I agree with the 99% of replies on the link you supplied – this is a rediculous tidbit of “journalism”.

  14. Or Friday afternoon blog fodder.

    Right or wrong, I do think this speech will grow legs. It’s not just the “finger” speculation. There’s more here that will take a few days to bubble up.

  15. J. Strupp says:

    Oh, he flipped her off no question. So what. I enjoy how subtle it was. He made his point AND he gets to deny it happened. I think it’s funny as heck.

  16. Go youtube the latest video of Obama flipping off McCain. I sent a link in earlier – hours after it was posted the video was removed and was the top youtube hit for “Obama Flips Off McCain”….

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    What an arrogant, punk move.

  18. And undoubtedly on purpose. Obama is what some consider the most capable orator of a generation. He knew exactly what he was doing.

  19. He sickens me. I am truly concerned for our country and the direction its headed.