Marquardt wants Elmbrook land for park space

In exchange for the park space that the City of Brookfield wants for the new fire station, the city is letting the Elmbrook School District know that they’d like the excess district land for a neighborhood park. It’s a 12.67 acre site outlined below. I’m surprised this information hasn’t come up in prior reporting. (Yes, I’m a total dweeb and am watching the city meeting on cable.)

Here’s a map of the square mile bounded by Capitol, Lisbon, Calhoun and Brookfield. The Elmbrook district space is outlined in blue, and the park that would become the north side fire station location is in yellow.


Director of (All Things, this time acting as Adminsitration) Dean Marquardt has decided that’s what will be. It will be a tight vote eventually, but that’s what will happen. Taxpayers will pay extra to buy the Elmbrook site, Elmbrook will use the money to add air conditioning or a gym somewhere. Homeowners will be waking to the sound of sirens.

The other option of course requires the eminent domain of two private businesses. We’ve seen how much fun that eminent domain business can be.


  1. Interesting that I suggested selling this land with another parcel prior to the referendum.

    Shutting down/selling 1 or 2 Elementary Schools and moving “up”, by converting PPMS to an elementary school equivalent to Burleigh, PPMS moving into BEHS and building 2 new schools at the Central Campus at no charge to the taxpayers.

    We now see the board stating the additional funds are not needed, a 3.5 m dollar project, 2 new gyms, and sharing of a principal with no funds going to decrease the tax burden.

    It doesn’t suprise me that these issues came up after the referendum. This may have been their back up plan, but now that they have the money for 2 new high schools, they do not care about any alternative savings to the tax payer.

  2. Have you been paying attention G? They have money to remodel…not “2 new high schools”.

  3. El gato, have you seen the revised plans?

  4. I don’t need to. The dollars tell it all! Two new schools was $125 million.