Silly hit for the day #3

“new starbucks logo”

No, kidding. Googling that phrase lands Fairly Conservative 6th on the list!


  1. I use Scroogle Scraper for searches. It uses Google but strips out all your personal information that Google collects. On Scroogle you come up #13. Now either you are a “celebrity” or their wasn’t much action on the subject. Can you tell the number of hits you had on that post?

  2. El gato, you are a geek in leathers, aren’t you?

    I have never heard of Scroogle Scraper, but now I must go and check it out. And I think there’s a way through Google Webmaster to find how many went to that post, so I’ll look.

    I like the tracking I’m using now, it’s far more accurate that the stuff CNI had. On that system every time you corrected a spelling it counted for 3 visits. (One to the site, one to edit, one to review the newly published set.) I always ran both there so I could tell that the CNI tracks were about 4 to 1 of the legitimate hits. I always block my own use.

    I’m sure CNI still sells advertising based on the inflated numbers, though.

  3. Ok, I did the phrase – new starbucks logo – (no quotation marks) on Scroogle. It came up 4th, then it came up 14th, then 13th. And – it’s already moved to 13th on Google. I guess Google is a fickle master…

    It doesn’t look like the page was accessed too many times from the search, so I’d have to say there’s not a whole lot of interest. Even more reason the post is titled “silly hit for the day.”

    The world of Google is fascinating, though. I spent the weekend attacking issues that will allow the site to be better recognized. Still, there’s no substitution for loyal readers. Thanks for being one of those readers.

  4. Scroogle turns up anything you find on Google because it uses Google. It just removes your personal information that Google is collecting. Google is a very devious operation!

    A geek in leathers? That’s my skin!