Watching Pennsylvania

Tomorrow is the primary. The trend seems be in Hillary (NMN) Clinton’s favor. MSNBC says it’s “Hillary’s race to lose.” The Washington Times declares, “Undecideds flock to Clinton.”

No one ever dreamed that the Democratic primary would still have this much tension in APRIL. As I’ve said before, I think it matters in November. The longer this primary takes, the harsher the words become, the more opportunity for mistakes, the more divided the party, the less time the party has to heal.

The better for Republican candidate John McCain.

Overall, I still suspect Barack (NMN) Obama will capture the Democratic nomination flag. And that will be even better for McCain. More on that later.


  1. For my vote, Hillary would be better for McCain. If Hil is the nominee, I’m out of the undecided camp and voting for McCain. If Obama is the pick, I could be undecided right up to the election.

  2. No Middle Name 😉

  3. I think that Obama Hussein will be easier to beat due to his lack of experience and more because he has connections that the average person is going to find suspect. The young lefties will not be able to garner more power than the oldsters who just won’t trust this guy. I still think we are not ready for either a woman or a black President, and only time will prove me right or wrong. I do realize that the dyed-in-the-wool Democrats would vote for Hitler if he were their candidate, so the vote to watch is the independents. I think O.H.’s ties to left-wing America haters will do him in. JMHO before “the boys” try to shout me down.

  4. I’d like to think that most people, in either party, still use their heads.

  5. That’s what they tried to tell the Germans in the 1930’s!

  6. Dave Frank says:

    Wow, Gato just wow. Are you really comparing Obama to Hitler? A man responsible for the deaths of 10s of millions is the same a a sitting U.S. Senator. Just brilliant….

  7. Dave, how would you EVER conclude that? Are your comprehensive skills that weak? The point I was trying to make was that diehard Dems vote for their candidate regardless of who it might be. Now get signed up for that course in comprehension right away!

  8. Dave Frank says:

    Thanks I will. It must have been that post of yours that gave me the crazy idea:

    “That’s what they tried to tell the Germans in the 1930’s”

    To me you you MAY have been inferring we are heading down the same road. That is why I asked the question in my post.

    If I am wrong why can’t you just say that. Is it possible for you to post without insulting somebody? I am guessing no. I better get back to my book learnin!

  9. Dave, you jumped on me and I jumped on you harder! Can’t stand the heat… don’t barbeque. I don’t think it’s an insult to point out someone who is exhibiting an area of weakness that they need to work on it. PC I’m not!

  10. Dave Frank says:

    Yeah thanks, but I am not too worried about the “heat.”

    I think there is a difference between being PC and being just downright angry. But hey, keep it coming. I’m no boy, as you so enjoy pointing out. And I still think I am right about what you were trying to do. I haven’t heard anything to demonstrate otherwise.

  11. Not that El Gato needs help here, but I read it to say that “died in to wool” party members will always vote for that party’s candidate.

    Granted, it wasn’t exactly a gentle choice of statements. I’m sure El Gato will be more careful in the future.

  12. Not too likely! I’m a man who speaks his mind. I say exactly what I think. I think my analogy was perfect.

  13. Well, then, El Gato, leave a few people standing so that I’ll have readers besides yourself.

  14. BTW…this from the

    if you describe someone as dyed-in-the-wool, you mean they have very strong opinions and will not change. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist where cooking is concerned – he won’t have any modern gadgets in the kitchen. (always before noun)

    Note that it’s not “died”.

    Your blog seems to be attracting alot of young liberals and I have taken it on myself to be the “protector of traditional values” so that you can be conservative but nice. Someone has to ride shotgun! 🙂

  15. died vs. dyed. My bad. 🙁

  16. or pull the trigger on the shotgun

  17. Gotta say I agree with Gato on the word smithing this time. He was provocative, but he wasn’t equating anyone with Hitler.