Why Obama will not be the 44th president

This is going to be long, and probably complicated, but there’s a lot to say. First, there’s a little homework involved. Watch this CBS footage of Barack Obama’s April 17th speech in North Carolina. While it’s also the infamous flip-o’-the-bird speech, something more important happens towards the end. He brushes off his shoulders. The crowd responds.

As you are watching the video, focus on the audience behind him, not Obama. In particular look for the reaction of the older white man (gray beard and hair) in the blue shirt. (Click on the tiny word “larger” below for a larger screen version. The sound is poor, but the angle is different than we’ve watched before.)
Obama makes a cultural reference. Brushing his shoulders – git dat dirt off yer shouder – is a memo to Hillary Clinton saying, “you need to let go of that grudge you got on your shoulders because you are jealous of me.” (Definition: Urban Dictionary) It’s also a song by rapper Jay-Z as we saw in the remix the other day. Here’s the whole song video on YouTube.com.

Others are talking about this reference, too. See Maureen Dowd for the NY Times, or someone called turneresq from The Daily Kos. Some are calling the Obama move a historical mix of pop culture and history.

I think it’s the defining moment in one man’s campaign to be president.
Now for the sensitive part. There’s language that might offend below. Stop now if it’s going to be a problem.

Frank James blogging for the Chicago Tribune suggests that Jay-Z is “a rap star whose lyrics are so ‘street’ they can’t be reproduced in a blog meant for a general audience…” Uh, yes they can. If a presidential candidate has no problem referencing a cultural definition that produced it’s own rap song, if that candidate admits that he has the song on his iPod, then dang it, I can print those lyrics. You see, I feel strongly that if black people can call each other niggers (or niggaz), then I can, too. Saying I don’t have that right would be racist, don’t you think?

Here are part of the lyrics to Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder.

If you feelin like a pimp nigga, go and brush your shoulders off
Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off
Niggaz is crazy baby, don’t forget that boy told you
Get, that, dirt off your shoulder

Feelin no remorse, feelin like my hand was forced
Middle finger to the Lord, nigga grip I’m a boss

Your boy back in the building, Brooklyn we back on the map
Me and my beautiful beeeeeeeitch in the back of that ‘Bach
I’m the realest that run it, I just happen to rap
I ain’t gotta clap at ’em, niggaz scared of that black
I drop that +Black, Album+ then I back, out it
As the best rapper alive nigga axe about me
From Bricks to Billboards, from grams to Grammys
The O’s to opposite, Orphan Annie
You gotta pardon Jay, for sellin out the Garden in a day
I’m like a young Marvin in his hey’
I’m a hustler homey, you a customer crony
Got some, dirt on my shoulder, could you brush it off for me?

Huh? And I left out the f-bombs. Imagine the 44th president with that on his iPod.

I have always explained to the children that there are many kinds of music in the world. But if music is to be your influence, then you need to be careful what you choose. The bad stuff day in and day out leaves little room for the good that can shape your life. I’m beginning to think Obama can use the same bit of advice.
About that gentleman in the blue shirt. For all practical purposes, that could be my father. Life-long Democrat, union member, doing his duty by showing up to a candidate’s rally. Would it be unkind to suggest that the man is not engaged? That perhaps he misses the pop cultural reference that has the crowd on their feet?

And that’s the base of my argument. Message to Obama: It’s the demographics, stupid. Add up the totals from the 2000 Census above and see if Obama wins after alienating the population core when pandering to the Americans that buy Jay-Z’s, uhem, music. Obama may have whipped the party into a frenzy with new voters and felt the love by playing up a pop cultural moment, but he’s tossing the Democratic party’s core right into the following of an older white guy that just happens to have war experience and some moderately liberal politics of his own.

Axe that man in the blue shirt.


  1. your link does not get the you tube up. On you tube, their screen is smaller and does not include the man in the blue shirt. Could you see if you can get it on your blog again? Thanks

  2. got it this time! That man in the blue shirt exemplifies the middle-class majority in terms of his reaction….or lack thereof.

  3. I also notice the people who are cheering and applauding to his pointless remarks. Obama Hussein doesn’t say much of real substance and yet they carry on like he just gave an important policy speech. It says alot about the kind of supporters he has! He employs the typical liberal tactic of avoiding issues raised and just brushes them off. This won’t work when the real campaign starts and people see what a transparent phony he is. He may get the majority of black votes and the kids, but thinking people who have been through years of life won’t be fooled by someone so shallow and full of it.

  4. Yea! He sucks! He’s gonna lose! I hate those blackies, why don’t we just give ’em 3/5ths votes again! Thats all they are worth! They aren’t thinking people!


  5. I knew you would come onboard Shawn! A fella of your intelligence couldn’t be fooled for long!

  6. Well i mean if blacks aren’t “thinking people” their votes should be taken away.

  7. Come on Shawn, don’t start backpedalling! You made a bold step out of the darkness, don’t let Dan scare you back into the fold! Yer da man now!

  8. Maybe I am Michael Moore.

  9. Come on, guys. Did you read what she said?

  10. Dirt off ya shouldas... says:

    I’d rather have a man lead our country who listens to Jay-Z than one who listens to the likes Neil Diamond and Michael Bolton and takes us to war and a crap economy.

    Didn’t our Vice-President shoot a man? I bet he was inspired by Nelly and 50-Cent!!!! Damn those black rappers for ruining our country…….

  11. Oh, oh! Another liberal strikes out at Bush without facts to back him up! Quite a childish post!

  12. “Her” opinion El Gato. And she’s entitled to it. She doesn’t need facts for that.

  13. nd I left out the f-bombs. Imagine the 44th president with that on his iPod.

    Forget about on the iPod. McCain’s got that kind of language in his mouth.

  14. Thank you, folkbum. He attacked Rep. Rick Renzi and Sen. Chuck Grassley also.

  15. So, provide a current example with a more well-read source and we’ll talk.

  16. Still “quoting” 1992.

  17. I would never have made the Jay-Z connection because I am too old and disinterested in that type of music. I don’t need that connection to understand the gesture of brushing off his shoulders.

    I am intrigued by the idea that appealing to the hip-hop generation on any level might mean the loss of the party base. I am intrigued by the dichotomies that surround this candidate–first he wasn’t black enough, now he might be too black. He was too radical when associated with Jeremiah Wright, but when he talks like me he’s too snooty. And now we are going to judge him by his taste in music.

    Remember when James Watt banned The Beach Boys from the National Mall?

  18. Too some extent your description of Obama’s dichotomies are the issue, Kathryn. A candidate for president should be able to land a self description that sticks.

    He’s new to the American public, and I think that might be his vulnerability. Since no one actually knows the man, the stories stick.

  19. Exactly. I am much more interested in the discussion of demographics (your post) than bickering about who has the biggest potty mouth.

  20. My personal feeling is that I would love it if Bush would look at his attackers in Congress and say “f… y…”! What is wrong with getting pissed off and telling your sworn enemies just what you think in harsh and assertive terms? Believe me, he would have higher approval ratings if he grew a pair.

  21. Common sense says:

    Let’s not forget the fact that these are grown men, including Hillary to a certain extent. I am quite possitive that Obama is not an “avid fan” of rap music. He simply made a gesture that has become popular in many forms of pop culture, including commercials, tv shows, and mainly a BLACK culture icon. What a disgrace for the first black man of presidency to represent his culture in any way shape or form. This article is clearly created to slander his intelligence using rap music as its tool. Let’s be serious, his gesture of wiping off his shoulder would not have meant anything to anybody until they wasted their time reading this “fairly” conservative article.

  22. Common Sense, here we will absolutely disagree. Of course he knew the significance of the gesture. One of his campaign workers agreed Obama had the song on his Ipod.

  23. “You see, I feel strongly that if black people can call each other niggers (or niggaz), then I can, too. Saying I don’t have that right would be racist, don’t you think?” —-nope. everyone sees this different but what does this have to do with Obama,
    you are saying that if he listens to hip hop or pop or any kind of music he cant be president. hahaha. if he said he only has relogious music would that make you feel better? lets be real here you listen to hip hop or pop every day on tv commercials. and your lyrics are not accurate do more research. if it bothers you that a black man can become president then just say so stop trying to hide behind all this meaningless information and be an american with fredom of speech.
    ps you seem very biased in your article its lame maybe take a neutral stance on the next one

  24. cool breeze says:

    yur Momma

  25. How does it feel to be both blatantly racist, dumb and wrong all at the same time. Cindy, I hope you kill youself after he’s elected. The world needs less people with your views.

  26. Charmed, I’m sure.

  27. Behold the tolerance of the left.

  28. larrell mcallister says:

    Now let me tell you sumthing you ignorant cula. What type of music Obama listens to has notihng to do with if he’ll be a good president. Im sorry most people would rather have someone they don’t want to have to worry about dieing while in office, and someone that can answer a simple question. I dont give 2 flying monkeys a*** about McCains stupid self being in wars. Newsflash… thats nothing to be very proud of since all America does is go, get in other countries buisness, invade, and make war so they can look like “heroes”?? umhm… sounds stupid to me. For instance, McCain wants the war in Iraq to continue. For what reason may I ask? Because I know America isnt over there doin anything but raping and committing violent acts against innocent women and children. So McCain wants to continue that, because Iraq sure isnt doing anything wrong… theyve been over there for years and haven’t found mierda. But back to the music thing, Obama can relate to more people on a better basis, and I respect him for staying true to who he is eventhough theres dumb people out there… LIKE YOU PUNTA that will try to use what he likes against him.
    note: i cussed in Spanish because i’m doing this for an AFRICAN AMERICAN studies class and we werent supposed to cuss. You wouldn’t be able to appreciate a class like that

  29. Yes you did cuss in Spanish. My daughter had to translate. I doubt you care, but I’ve been called much worse. I understand many cultures. Calling anyone an asshole and cunt will be considered very bad by most.

    You will never benefit from you education if you continue to circumvent the lessons. (…we weren’t supposed to cuss.) You are truly dishonoring those who take so much time to provide you with an education.

    PS – Obama is more Arabic than black, and white equal to both.

  30. Joe Springer says:

    So here’s where i take my stand, as the little underdog 15 year old from Brookfield East, who can’t even vote yet, but I do have some impression on my parents, and on the other kids who can vote in my school. The 21st century is changing everything, and that includes the switch of the “swear words”. People, not teens, not blacks, not whites, but people use your so called “Swear Words” more and more now. So what? I mean really, what’s so bad about the words anyway? We only think of them as bad because that’s what our parents told us. But Society is changing, and those words are being accepted more often now. Just the other day, i told my teacher that the most recent test was “Pretty Damn Hard” and he just said “Well maybe you should study a little damn harder next time” and everyone laughed. No dentitions or yelling, none of that crazy shit. These words are simply what they are. Adjectives. Why do they have to be considered Vulgar? I “cuss” with my parents, my siblings, my friends, my teachers, the people i BABYSIT for, as in they have little kids. I’m half their age. But when the kids are in the other room and it’s just us at the table they arn’t afraid to tell me that McCain is an jackass. Obama is modern. He plays Video Games. He wants to turn the White House into the White House 2.0 . Most of you are thinking to respond with “Only teens who have no life do video games” and other bullshit you don’t know. 63% of Americans play video games. and only 33% of Americans are under 18. So take that fact into consideration. More and More people are playing Video games, the industry that’s beating Hollywood in sales. So he quotes a song that is my some “gangster”. So what? You’re freaking out like he’s gonna pull a gun out and start picking off people for some bling. Violence is all over the damn place. Pre-Maridel sex rates are up, believe me, my sex-ed class knows these things and for some god-given reason decides to tell us it… We don’t live in some perfect country where everything is all nice and shiny. We need a president who can get CONNECT with the American people. And what better way to do that than through a song that majority of them listen too? Sure, i don’t listen to it, not particually fond of the genre either. But hey, he’s trying to connect with the American people a hella lot more then McCain over there

  31. Joe,
    The fate of you, your family, and your friends is about so much more than just music preference or a guy who “connects.” Someday, you will come to understand why. In the meantime – watch, learn, read and listen, so that you will truly understand the consequences of your choices when it is finally your turn to vote.

  32. Joe Springer says:

    I understand why Libby. I’m 15 but i’m not an idiot. It’s not just that Obama connects with people, it’s his whole entire plan thats got me fired up about Obama. I’ve watched every debate and major speech, read Obama’s book and a nice big chunk of an article on McCain. I’m in AP United States History this year, the politcal campaign has been the life and blood of the class. Smart of you to base off the stereotype that high school kids simply don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to the election. The thing is, this country needs change more than everything. High gas prices mean that i have to take up a job to start saving money for gas, not for college. My college savings is in jeoporady as the stock market continues on this rollercoaster of ups and downs. Obama is the change we need in this country right now, McCain is simply Bush 2.0

  33. Joe Springer says:

    Obama is everything this country needs

  34. Well you hop off your high horse and go sell your opinion to the world, kiddo. Right now your youth is showing. So is the Elmbrook school district’s IP.

  35. Randy4sam says:

    I love your passion. Never lose that. I don’t think you are an idiot. In fact you can help me. Please name three specific reasons you support Obama, and not just you like his health plan, or he’ll bring us together, but specific examples.
    I’ll start by giving you three reasons I support John McCain.
    1) He will leave the Bush tax cuts in place or renew them.
    2) He is pro-life.
    3) He supports victory in Iraq and consistantly supported the Surge when it was very unpopular to do so.
    4) I’ll even give you a 4th–He chose Sarah Palin as his VP running mate.
    See it’s easy. Your turn.

  36. waukesha mom says:

    Can I play?

    1. His tax plan, which keeps the tax cuts that benefit the wealthy, eliminates the highest tax brackets for the wealthiest, and reduces the top corporate tax rate. While most moderate income families will see a drop in their taxes, the weathiest see the biggest drop.

    2. He isn’t pro-choice. Last time I checked, it was my body, not his.

    3. His appalling disparagement of [air quotes]the mother’s health[/air quotes]

    4. He can’t define what, precisely, this elusive ‘victory’ in Iraq really is.

    5. He chose Sarah Palin as his VP running mate.

    Yup, it was easy.

  37. I agree, Joe keep your spirit! Cindy, I agree that with youth there is inexperience to “some” of the issues that we face as adults/homeowners/wage earners, etc. However, that does not mean that it discredits his opinion. He has other issues that we don’t face and he is entitled to his opinion. He provided reasons for his thoughts, which is what you challenge posters to provide.

    I hope that in 15 years when my oldest child is finishing up in the Elmbrook district she will have as much passion, opinion and thought behind it as Joe does!

  38. Kelly – did anyone deny Joe’s opinion? I published it didn’t I?

  39. Randy in Richmond says:

    Interesting how Joe defends ‘cussing’ or using the word damn, but it’s not surprising since his candidate’s preacher used it multiple times from a church pulpit and his own teacher gave it right back to him. And shit is just an adjective. Actually it’s a noun. You seem so proud your son is in this school system and you never mention the profanity by the teacher.
    You live in a unique place. People get upset about a legitimate national restaurant opening but no outrage at a teacher encouraging profanity in the classroom.

  40. Randy in Richmond says:

    Waukesha mom
    You can play, but don’t change the game. You distorted some of McCain’s views in your list but I asked Joe for views from ‘his’ candidate.
    And since you brought it up, when a baby is created does it not have it’s own body?

  41. waukesha mom says:

    Let’s not change the game, Randy – there are a number of different viewpoints as to when those fertilized cells are considered a separate human being.

    Which of McCain’s views do you believe that I distorted?

  42. Randy in Richmond says:

    Waukesha mom
    No, not to that seperate human being are there different viewpoints. But to some people, yes.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Joe, you are in for a disappointment. First BO’s chances for unity are slim to none. I for one have a passionate opposition to socialism and there are plenty of people out there like me. BO’s presidency is doomed. Socialism has never worked as an economic system, anytime, anywhere. Is this part of your political discussions at school?

  44. Joe Springer says:

    Yippee, seems like i’m quite the little conversation starter around here.

    Here are my reasons, and because 2 people listed agaisnt me for a total of 7, i’ll kick it up to 8.

    1. Voted for banning assault weapons and armor piecing rounds to consumers. McCain voted against this

    2. His Environmental ideals are better in the long run. Why drill now when we can become completely independent on renewable fuel sources in 10 years?

    3. Wants to get OUT of Iraq, completely. Do you really want to keep paying over $200 a month for a war we are fighting for someone else?

    4. He will only increase the debt by 3.5 trillion while McCain would increase it by 5 Trillion. In the long run, its worse for me rather than you

    5. Supports Gay-Marriage being up to the states. Now i’m not gay or anything, but i have had friends that were, and one of them was involved in a hate crime due to it and has the scars to show it. If other people wanna be gay, who cares? Who are we to say “Um…no your not allowed to love each other” You let them lead there lives, and you lead theres. McCain has said he would support a constitutional ban, along with supporting the (failed) bans for gay marriage in Cali and AZ

    6. Wants a universal Broadband program, while McCain wants it to be private. For my generation, this is huge. The internet is like our life and blood almost, without it we would never be able to achieve the grades we get or accomplish the crazy stuff we do. National Internet would be awesome without letting the companies who will charge you $70 a month take control

    7. Less experience = Better Connection. OBama keeps getting hammered on “He has no experience” while McCain is like 100 something and has all the experience in the world. But why is that such a bad thing? Less Experience means he’s more down to earth, he’s more like you and me than any government official out there. He didn’t spend 50 years being some big fancy elected office. He know’s that high gas prices suck, and that the America people are sick of Iraq, and that the a recent poll by CNN states that 71% of it’s viewers believe the founding fathers would not approve of this nation today.

    8. He’s Change. Simple as that. We elected an old Republican last time, and look where our country is now. We need him, we need his change and the message of hope he brings for a country that was once the great Superpower of this planet.

  45. Randy in Richmond says:

    Joe Springer
    Fool me once, shame on you,
    Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Ain’t gonna happen.

  46. Waukesha Mom says:

    Randy –

    Perhaps you missed my question.

    Which of McCain’s views do you believe that I distorted?

  47. Randy in Richmond says:

    Waukesha mom
    1) America has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world. This is a huge factor in why so many businesses are relocating in other countries. Your comments promoting class envy sound good but it is the top bracket people who are in position to grow industry which creates lots of jobs–which if you tax more won’t happen. If Obama doesn’t work to renew the Bush tax cuts any savings to ‘moderate’ income families will be lost.

    2)It’s your body till a new life is created in it-then there are two of you.

    3)John McCain was wrong in the manner he answered this question. You keep talking about your body. If a baby you abort is somehow born alive, meaning he’s not part of your body, your guy says no to giving the newborn medical assistance. This wasn’t a slip-up on voting or some type of misunderstanding–Obama voted once, twice, three times on this issue.

    4)In a Katie Couric interview Sen McCain said “we will win this war”. That says it all. And it’s mostly because of the Surge that we are winning, which to this day Obama will not acknowledge as a reality.

    5) Your comments on (2) and (3) explain (5). There is no distortion here.

  48. Randy-
    What’s there left to win? Why are we staying in Iraq to win a war that we’ve “won” since day one! And right now, let’s consider us in a “winning” position, a time where Army Suicide rate is at an all time high, along with Army casualties. God Forbid we start losing! The only way to “win” is to get the hell out now, and just blow it over as an old mistake.

    another question i’d like to ask all you people who think we should continue with the Iraq War. Would you sacrifice your own child in order to win the war? If that’s all it took, to just sacrifice one of your children, in order to end the Iraq War… Would you do it? I’ve seen families who have lost kids in the Iraq War. It’s not a pretty sight. And don’t try to come back at me with “Well no but i’d sacrifice myself!” Well sure you would, at least to the point of proving the war should go on. But your not in Iraq are you? The average american soldier fighting in Iraq is about 22 years old, those arn’t parents, they’re kids. I can tell you that i would honestly join the army, and was thinking about it, and then decided that i didn’t want to be shipped halfway around the world to fight a war for another some other country…

    So would you sacrifice your own kin to end the Iraq War?

  49. Joe – you’ve obviously forgotten the Obama has changed his war policy and now concedes McCain’s plan was preferred. Both candidates would be wrapping thing up about the same way.

    Yet you cling to your savior.

  50. PS – We’ve learned that if you run Firefox there’s a built in spellchecker that handles a good number of typos. It’s been a big help.

  51. Waukesha Mom says:

    Randy –

    I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on point 1 – I have a completely different ideology about how a civilized society should work, and Obama’s is far closer to my ideology than McCain’s.

    2. I think you’re headed down a very slippery slope where a miscarriage will become reckless homicide, having a glass of wine during a pregnancy will be child abuse, and the use of the morning-after pill will be infanticide.?

    3. Perhaps you want to consider more research into Palin’s claim of refusing medical care and infanticide.

    (For example)

    I believe what Obama refused to vote for was legislation that would have given every fetus the same legal standing as a born-and-living-person, thereby completely undercutting Roe v. Wade.

    4. You still haven’t stated what “winning the war” means. How many bodies till we’ve won the war? How many acres decimated? What thing has to happen that people can turn to each other and say “and now we’ve won the war and go home” – please define what winning this war will entail?

    5. Self-explanatory.

  52. It is very unfortunate that so many Obama supporters have such a narrow view of the world, as well as basic economics.

    There are over 1.4 billion Muslims all over the world and their main goal is to establish Islamic Sharia Law on the planet. This is happening in London, Paris, Lisbon, etc. There are already 80,000 Muslims in Atlanta, GA alone. Once they have a large community, they use our laws to demand independence of their rules, based on freedom of speech and religion.

    Barack Obama’s father was a Muslim. His step-father was a Muslim. He attended a Muslim school in Indonesia. His Kenyan brother, Abongo Obama is a radical Muslim. Obama campaigned in 1996 and 2006 for his cousin Raila Odinga, a radical Muslim with Al-Qaida connections, whose followers have burned Christian churches with children inside, in Kenya. And Obama had connections with Edward Asaid, an anti-Israel fundraiser for Arafat in the US.

    Obama talks about Warren Buffett as his SUPERSTAR ECONOMIC ADVISOR. But, he never mentions GEORGE SOROS, the Communist billionaire who is bank-rolling left-wing organizations, such as MoveOn.org to elect Obama and his Houston, TX political office is headed by a Cuban Communist lady, hated by most Cuban exiles.

    Now, picture a President Obama , who “will stand with the Muslims if an ugly wind heads our direction”, an Iran with nuclear weapons, a Middle East in turmoil, a strapped Israel, a Russian dominance in former Soviet Union republics, and an aliance with Venezuela, Cuba, and all the other left-wing governments in the region. Add the above comments to the cast of characters in Obama’s circle: Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko, etc. and you can come with a diagnosis: YOU HAVE TO BE INSANE TO VOTE FOR OBAMA.

  53. Waukesha Mom says:

    Then I guess I, along with a whole lot of other people who want to see some real change from the last 8 years, am insane. Good thing that doesn’t prevent any of us from voting 🙂

  54. Randy in Richmond says:

    Waukesha mom
    Interesting how you say “Palin’s claim” when referring to refusing medical care for aborted babies born alive. Your own HufPo article on the issue was published Aug. 4, 2008, long before any of us had heard of Wasilla, Alaska. This story is all over the internet and some cable networks, and has been–so don’t attribute it to Sarah Palin. And since your Aug 4th story additional information is available that zonks much of that stories allegations and conclusions.
    Obama acknowledged voting against the bill but said he would have voted “yes” if the bill had contained language similar to a federal bill’s language making clear that the intention wasn’t to diminish overall abortion rights. But, as recently revealed, the Illinois bill had indeed included such language and Mr. Obama still voted against it. “His campaign was later forced to put out a clarifying statement that it was the Senator himself who was actually wrong on the facts. He did indeed vote against a bill in the Illinois State Senate that was identical to the federal legislation that sought to protect babies who survive abortions.”
    Obama also made this statement, “I think it’s important to understand this is ultimately about abortion and not live births”.
    You, Waukesha mom, and Barack Obama are on exactly the same page on this issue. You both believe that preserving Roe v Wade, i.e. abortion rights, is more important than saving the lives of aborted babies born alive.
    You talk about bodies. You libs want to play Little League baseball and not keep score but when it comes to war you want to count bodies.
    There were more bodies (deaths) of our servicemen during Bill Clinton’s 8 years than will be during George Bush’s 2 terms. Almost twice as many.
    And if you have to ask what winning the war means, then it would mean nothing to tell you

  55. Randy in Richmond says:

    Nothing to prevent you from voting at all, in fact in lots of states many have, and will be, voting often.

  56. BrkfldDad says:

    CK, spellcheck is the least of the worries. I am still amazed by the blue language (pretty much without prompting) and the complete whiffs on stuff like dentition and maridel!

  57. Waukesha Mom says:

    Pombroll –

    It starts with the insinuation that;

    X with funny name(s) aren’t part of our nation and people.

    X aren’t the same as us, so we can dehumanize them/him with racial stereotypes

    X people are getting all the benefits and taking all our money.

    X wants to hurt us, they/him are associated with terrorism and violent action.

    Now X could be Obama, X could be every African American.

    X was also how the Nazi party and Hitler described the Jews and GOT ELECTED!!!

    Hard to tell isn’t it.

  58. Randy in Richmond says:

    I think the answer is :

    X+X+X+X+X+X = 6X

  59. BDad, I was trying to be gracious.

    Waukesha Mom – You slipped a little logically on that last argument.

    Hitler got elected so Obama should be elected?

  60. (I saw 7)

  61. Waukesha Mom says:

    How odd, Cindy – I’m pretty sure that my logic is still intact.

    It isn’t the Obama campaign that makes assertions based on:

    X with funny name(s)

    X aren’t the same as us

    X people are getting all the benefits and taking all our money.

    X wants to hurt us, they/him are associated with terrorism and violent action.

    Seems to me that’s coming from the McPain Train.

  62. The first time I heard the first 3 points was when BO was preemptively stating what the future talking points were going to be.

  63. Well you’ll need to show us. I think you are simply spreading what you want pinned on McCain’s campaign, not what the campaign is actually advocating.

  64. Randy in Richmond says:

    It isn’t the Obama Campaign that’s:

    X with funny names,

    X aren’t the same as us,


    X people getting all the benefits and taking our money,

    X is associated with terror and violent action,

    Ayers participated in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, the United States Capitol building in 1971, and The Pentagon in 1972, as he noted in his 2001 book, Fugitive Days.
    Obama was named to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Project Board of Directors to oversee the distribution of grants in Chicago. Later in 1995, Ayers hosted “a coffee” for “Mr. Obama’s first run for office.” The two served on the board of a community anti-poverty group, the Woods Fund of Chicago, between 2000 and 2002, during which time the board met twelve times. In April 2001, Ayers contributed $200 to Obama’s re-election fund to the Illinois State Senate.

    Oh yes it is.

  65. Could you throw a link down Cindy as to when exactly this was proposed, and what you mean by this? Because the last time i checked. Obama wanted out, and McCain wanted to stay.

    McCain Wanting More

    Obama Wanting out

  66. So some fancy media stations tell Obama that he should change it, and Obama says that his 16 month time table may be refined, but he still “intends to end the war” …

    What’s McCain’s plan again?
    Keep Fighting. Install permanent military bases, and i’m sure in the long run we’ll stay there as long as possible.

  67. Joe! I don’t think that’s McCain’s plan.

    No “thank you Cindy for finding the links?” Come on.

    McCain intends to end the war, too. I think you’re a little sensitive about not nailing this one.

    Here, to make it better I’ll give you a CNN link.


  68. Thank you cindy for finding the links

    But did you even read the first paragraph?

    “Republican presidential candidate John McCain defended his belief that U.S. troops will need to stay in Iraq for decades Monday but said the unpopular war will soon end “for all intents and purposes.””

    Decades more. And what’s that going to turn into? A Century? Will we even be out of this war by the time i hit retirement? We don’t WANT to stay there, we don’t NEED to stay there, so why in god’s name are we? McCain has obviously made his statement clear that if he makes president, the 4 years of his presidency will Stay in Iraq, with no intention to leave anytime soon. Obama want’s this war over with, and in his presidency. In that same article, it stated that 2/3 of American’s do not approve of the Iraq War…So why stay there?

  69. Ask Mr. Coffey. We always keep troops behind.

  70. Allen Jackson says:

    that is so bs that they are saying about obama.
    we so just cut the bs out cuz itis not cool at all.

  71. O.k….this is just another reason for people to try to say that Obama cant be president. What does his music have to do with how he is going to run the U.S. I think its a pretty stupid idea, i am also in larrell’s class…. so the only reason im here is to post my thoughts…

  72. Looks like the Jay-Z/Obama connection is back in the media. It turns out Jay-Z dedicated his song “99 Problems” to McCain and Palin the other night. Keep in mind this classless musician is someone Barry O drools over.


  73. S. Cory Fallon says:

    I bet many of those who are proponents of this war were never in the service.

  74. Anti-Obama says:

    Eventhought im new @ diz whole election thng . Is my 1st yr votin. I really thnk dat havin Obama as a president will b a mistake I dnt understand y ya want 2 change da direction diz country has taken 4 so many yrs jst b/c there is a new person runnin 4 da presidency dat is nt white. Which eva way u look @ it deres a situation bound 2 happen if Obama wins u kno dat deres gonna b drama comin 4rm da black community b/c a black men jst accomplishd sumthng dat no oda person has bt if we choose McCain we would get a similar reaction nd dey’ll b sayin dat we chose a white man ova a black 1 4 president b/c diz country is racist. So eitha way deres bound 2 b a disturbance coming 4rm da black community. Jst elect McCain we better of newayz

  75. Danielle King says:

    It’s ridiculous that you believe Obama is using this Jay Z song in a negative way . The song is saying that people need to just “brush their shoulders off” and move on . Let go of the past and move on with the future . By brushing his shoulders off Barack was saying lets forget the past and the problems in this country and move on with a fresh start . Hip Hop music can be very positive and educational, not just gang related and profane .

  76. I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one. Real educational. Terrible point.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I don’t find that too offensive. I mean, you don’t hear about other president’s music (not saying that I’m sure he’s gonna be president). As long as he doesn’t break out in a rap, he should be able to listen to any music he wants to.

  78. I wish I could figure out why this old post is getting so much traffic. Most of the comments are cloaked, which makes me think it’s Obama’s camp again.

    Oh, well. It will all be over soon.

  79. White people see Obama as if he is only going to be doing good deeds for the balck people and not the white. Also just because of what color his skin is and where he comes from to whites means that he will do in his power to make sure that blacks will not have to go through a sufferage. And whites feel that they will stuggle beacuse he will be the 44th and they wont benifit from what he has planed for the US. Its that color of his skin that wont let him win.

  80. “blacks will not have to go through a sufferage”

    That makes no sense. At all.
    Clearly you are trying to create some racial division in this race. Do you even know what “sufferage” means!?! Pick up a book before you spout your crap on the internet.

    See people? Another example of people blindly following the piper. Straight to the river we go.

  81. Like I said, the comments on this post aren’t making sense. I had to delete one that was even more bizarre. There seems to be a race as to who can post the best faked right-wing wacko comment.

    I think I’ll turn comments off for this one.


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