Elmbrook: Silly question for the day

Why is the Pilgrim Park Middle School study to replace heating and ventilation labeled “Heating, Ventiliating and Air Conditioning?” And wherever will you find the $4 million?


  1. I did my homework: it’s in the reserves, which are a good 30% higher than required by Elmbrook policy–if MJS articles are accurate–and we are adding more in this year’s budget.

  2. Then why couldn’t we have used that money prior to the high school referendum to fix a few leaky pipes?

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    I know they have a different motive, but the temperatute controlled systems in all buildings have historically been called HVAC as an acronym, regardless of whether or not heating, or ventilation, or air conditioning were part of the equation.

  4. Why indeed.

  5. So, Bdad, any bets as to whether or not there’s a plan to AC Pilgrim Park? Oh, and there is the word “chiller” in the agenda.

  6. I wonder why businesses and homeowners call in a contractor and get bids for repairs and upgrades without cost, but Elmbrook is always hiring consultants to get bids and paying a very pretty penny for them. Something stinks about this practice! It’s also very disingenuous for the board to have waited until they get the approval to raid our pocketbooks for the high schools, and now they tell us there are lots of other big costs coming. Are we suckers or what?

  7. Suckers. Definitely suckers.

  8. BrkfldDad says:

    No doubt AC is included and it’ll be used as some bum excuse for why maintenance on other other items was delayed for a year(s).