Elmbrook to end half day 5-K

A few years ago Elmbrook school district made the move to full-day five-year-old kindergarten. There was a promise made to keep a half-day program alive for those families not ready to make a full-day transition. Tonight that promise ends. On the report from Assistant Superintendent Christine Headstrom:

Recommended Board Motion – Based on class size guidelines, projected enrollments and budgetary considerations, that that [sic] Board of Education approves not offering a separate half-day 5K for the 2008-2009 school year.

C’est la vie.


  1. Cindy,
    I have to disagree with your summation that families choose half day because they are , “not ready to make a full-day transition.” Some of us choose half-day kindergarten because we have not seen a proven educational benefit to full-day kindergarten.

  2. Perhaps I worded that poorly. The child may be perfectly ready for a full-day program, but the family isn’t ready or willing (heck, I liked having my kids around!) to give up the other half a day to the district program.

    That’s what I meant anyway…

    Sadly, proof of educational benefit is not an issue when head-count tax dollars to the district are involved. I fear that’s the crux of the full-day program in Elmbrook. If we were back to half days, we could close two grade schools!

  3. I know…I just had to make the point. I have to say, I get pretty tired of hearing parents say, “My child is just so READY for full-day.” When I enrolled my oldest in 1/2 day at Hillside, even the Principal called to ask me what the “problem” was…was it that I wasn’t ready, or that my child wasn’t ready. My response? Neither….my son catches on to things pretty quickly, and doesn’t need the additional reinforcement in the afternoon.
    I will not support half day until the district can show documented proof that it is making a significant difference educationally. To date, they have found that there is no difference.

  4. Don’t you mean you won’t support WHOLE day?

  5. should know better than to send without proofreading.

    You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT…I meant full-day.

    Thank you. 🙂