It is easy being green

“Happy Earth Day, Mom!” The youngest left the house just now in a smashing organic cotton tunic. (Good grief, youth is wasted on the young.) I’m not throwing on organic cotton anything, but I thought we’d have a go at being green.

First, here are two timely announcements. Flanner’s Home Entertainment in Brookfield is holding an ecycling event. You can drop off old home tvs, vcrs, and more at their Bluemound shop on April 26th and 27th. They even promise to do the heavy lifting once you get there.

Next, the shoemaker Crocs has a program for shredding and remaking shoes. Of course, the first defense should be to pass the shoes on for reuse, but if they are past their pavement prime, check out Soles United. (Thanks to a reader for that one.)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The phrase has been around for a while. Two more R words are making an entry: Refuse and Repair. I’ll tell you what our family does today in several posts. Keep in mind, our family’s “environmental awareness” is born of Mom’s frugality, not the desire to offset any calculated carbon footprint.

It will be fun to compare notes.