There are four brown grocery bags open sideways on a garage shelf. Chip board (cereal boxes, soda boxes), newspapers, office paper, and magazines/junk mail go into them. When they’re full they go beside the bin. I sort the mail coming up the driveway, so junk never makes it into the house.

Magazines are a love/hate relationship. I love curling up with a magazine on a rainy evening. Right now I take three – one free from a tip submission and two free from Coke reward points. The spouse takes a few more, but I’m sure he’d argue trade journals aren’t the same as the car magazine and Forbes. We do our best to trade these off at the library. What doesn’t make it there comes home to the recycling bag.

We also do the standard tin, aluminum, glass, and 1 and 2 plastic. It’s my understanding the other numbers are too expensive to recycle, so the Waukesha center doesn’t do it.

For the most part I manage the Rs because it’s good for my wallet. Recycling is no exception. An article just ran in the MJS saying Brookfield will be getting a $169,953 rebate. I know it doesn’t really benefit me with the current Mayor who likes to stash tax dollars, but maybe someday that rebate will work its way to the bottom line.

Oil is changed off site, so I don’t have to worry about that. We did suck up and clean paint cans out of the basement a couple of summers ago. Boy, that was an effort to dry everything out and get the oil-based products properly placed. We do our best to get old batteries in the right place too.

Look through recycling details for Waukesha County here.