DNC = Dean Not Competent

There’s a lot to say in support of that statement. Right now I’m going show you two videos. The first is the Republican debate at the Reagan Library. The second is how the DNC cherry-picked the words out of context for their most recent ad. It’s a say anything world out there. God willing, this kind of decision will come back to bite the DNC in the backside.

Start at about 5:20 into the 10 minute video.

Try to hold your dinner in while you watch this “presto chango” version by the DNC.

And he was right, remember? Unemployment is the lowest in years.



  1. BrkfldDad says:

    It’s almost the equivalent of using the Frankenveto to create an ad! Take an intent and take it out of context..

  2. I like the end: HELP US FUND THIS AD.

    That adds injury to insult, doncha think?

  3. Of course “everybody” does it.

  4. The funniest part is Republicans do it all the time. i’m not pointing fingers, but this is politics. I don’t like it but it’s on both sides of the aisle and hardly means Dean isn’t competent.

  5. You didn’t give any examples!

    And there’s more. Stay tuned.

  6. As usual, the liberal answer to being caught is to issue an attack on the opposition! Shawn, you need to get over that very bad tactic. It doesn’t give you credibility. When something is wrong, just say so!

  7. I said its politics, I didn’t attack anyone Gato. I also said I didn’t agree with it too. So, basically, you didn’t read what I actually said.

  8. “The funniest part is Republicans do it all the time.”

    I think I read it properly! The comment was about the Democrat lying about something, and you came right back with your remark instead of just speaking to the issue raised.

  9. Thanks for the tip Dan, but I think that’s a move that is copyrighted by Sir Kitty.

  10. Danny, Danny, Danny…do you always have to be making snide and rude remarks. Perhaps it’s time to act mature?

  11. And I see Danny follows Shawn’s tactics of dodging the issue and attacking others. I shall stop responding to both of these types of childish remarks.

    I believe the issue here was the twisting of facts by the DNC with the moron Dean at the helm. I’m hoping that there are still enough sensible people left in this country that will turn out to vote and will send OB and HC packing. It’s obvious that IL and NY don’t have enough left!