Elmbrook manipulates student lifestyles for revenue

Kyle Prast is absolutely correct. It’s time the Elmbrook school board own up to the fact that a full-day 5-K decision was for revenue and not academics. Parents get free daycare at the expense of the general taxpayer in a full-day program.

Elmbrook needs to close Tonawanda and Hillside before taxpayers are tricked in to gyms (or what will actually be labeled “cafeterias”) and air conditioning for those schools. The four well constructed and generously proportioned schools of Burleigh, Swanson with the newly constructed Dixon and Brookfield El will hold our dwindling population.

Of course, it’s unlikely to happen. Voters just handed the district $62.2 million so now all of the hidden cash can go into saving buildings that will justify an increase in non-resident enrollment.

The alarm clock has been sounding on this issue for a couple of years now. Sadly, taxpayers remain too apathetic to make a difference. It all means they’ll be hearing the sound of a cash register in the very near future.



  1. I think it is interesting to note that the former Board President, Bruce Nattinger, was present at last night’ Board meeting, and made a pitch during “open mic” time for these new spaces at Hillside and Tonawanda. Why him? Why now?

  2. Oh – also wanted to mention that I recall that during the 4K talks, it was stated that among 1st graders there was no notable difference in testing scores between the 1/2 day and the full-day kids. I could be wrong, but I believe Meg was referring to a long-term study of the benefits…since the first full-day class is now in 5th grade.

  3. Re: Nattinger – because Gibson asked him to do so. They’ll ride the success they were given with the last referendum as far as possible, right through air conditioning both middle schools and adding to Tonawanda and Hillside even when enrollment doesn’t support it.

  4. Cindy,

    Your hate of air conditioning and physical education for students is really something.

    And that’s coming from a fat guy like myself!

  5. It’s an extension of the nanny state. You don’t know how to take care of your children as well as Elmbrook, so let them do it.

    Used to be when you had a few kids you knew they were yours for a while.

  6. Cindy, the one thing that complicates your proposal is that Tonawonda is a really tight-nit community for Elm Grove.

    I think there would be major opposition to it just based on that alone.

  7. Of course there will be major opposition. But Brookfield/Elm Grove has never had a problem sacrificing a core group or neighborhood to get to change.

  8. Cheri M. says:

    My child had a strong need to be around other children, being an only child, with much older cousins, and no kids her age in our neighborhood. We were grateful for full-day 5K, so she would be with the children she would presumably move through school with. For us, stability was the key, not dollars. But that only speaks for our motivation for enrolling our daughter in full day 5K, it does not address the district’s motivation for offering it.