Overnight in the blogosphere

Long after I drift off to sleep, the world of blogging goes on. Here are a few things written worthy of notice.

The Recess Supervisor notes:

Barack Obama outspent Hillary Clinton 3-to-1 in Pennsylvania and lost by ten. Shouldn’t that be story? Why can’t the uber-charismatic guy with all the money win important states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, states Democrats need to pick up in November to have a shot at winning?

His next paragraph continues about the states Democrats need to win in November is important. This may be the reason super delegates switch to Clinton in the end.

Folkbum credits his wife with this observation:

Defense attorney Paul Bucher argued that five of the counts should be dismissed because the state failed to allege in the charging document that the touching was for the purpose of sexual gratification. [. . .] The former Waukesha County district attorney said two elements are required before sexual assault charges can be filed: touching and sexual gratification.

So that’s what former Waukesha District Attorney Paul Bucher is up to these days.

The Ol’ Broad took aim at the LA Times for complaining that Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain dared to draw disability payments from injuries received during the Korean War:

The man was tortured serving his country. He has EVERY right to that disability! Pay taxes? Uh no, he didn’t pay taxes on it, and the problem with this? Does the author have so much hatred for veterans, the very veterans that fought for his right to be a moron, that he would deny these heroes a tax free income?

As you can she, she doesn’t mince words.

That’s it. There’s a whole world out there with keyboards at hand. I think it’s a lot of fun to read the perspective of others.