Fearless Fischer

This is Kevin Fischer.

Star of TV.

Star of radio.

Star of the blogs.

Security agent?


Sure enough, the Mr. and Mrs. Fischer are on the roles of the state payouts that the MJS did recently. Just to prove there’s a gender gap, the Mrs. is paid 6% less for the same work. (Type Fischer in the first box and skip to page 2. You’ll see they were paid under “security officer I.”

Sadly, the MJS didn’t manage to capture the salaries of the elected offices.


  1. Michele K says:

    Honestly Cindy you need to get off the computer and onto a therapists couch. Why in the world do you care so much? You have done what you can to embarass, defame, and humilitate this man any chance you get. That didn’t work and so now you resort to this. Pathetic and childish, but I think your readers already suspect that of you. Amazing how you get your panties in a bunch anytime you think you are being slandered in anyway, but you don’t hesitate to do it to those around you. We can all be thankful Mr Fischer has taken the high road and shown dignity and class during your constant barrage of attacks.

  2. Sorry, Michelle K. Your comment was caught in the spam filter.

    If I blog while sitting on the couch will it make you feel better? And a man taking the “high road” doesn’t label another blogger “Klueless Kowalski.”

    By the way, you’ve been Mitch and Sara. Any explanation as to why Michelle K is now my friend?

  3. Michelle, I’m just wondering…if one wears a thong could it still be said of her “she’s got her panties in a bunch”? I’m just wondering and implying anyone’s undergarment preferences!

  4. El Gato, what an interesting question.

  5. I did mean “not implying”.

  6. Michele K says:

    I guess it is the same premise, but I would rather not think about it.