Silly hit for the day #4

Actually, these are recurring. Every Thursday and Friday I still get hits for “Carol Deptolla.” She’s the new dining critic for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

No doubt, they are looking for a picture to see if she shows up. I promise, if I ever come across one, I’ll post it.

Yes I will!


  1. kathleenm says:


    I know what she looks like and so do a lot of readers. She used to write a column called Gatherings for the Entree section.

    And, there was a half-column photo of her.

    I find her reviews too wordy. Her evaluating system is no good, as well.

    No way can she disguise herself as the late great Dennis Getto did.

    He was ingenious (or ingenuous)? I forget.

    May Dennis rest in peace.