Another Brookfield American Idol connection

I’m almost reluctant to do this because of the pings and trackbacks the last time I mentioned the show, but I just gotta tell you!

Uncle Hadley’s going to be on next Tuesday. Hads (that’s his cool name around here) has toured with Neil Diamond for as long as I can remember. I’ve been able to count on seeing my aunt the years they swing through Milwaukee. Anyway, next Tuesday is Neil Diamond night, and with any luck the camera will accidentally find Uncle Hadley and all of his coolness.

It’s fun to see how close we are to fame sometimes. Janet Evans in Franklin did a piece the other day on how she’d been in high school classes with Janice Dickinson. I thought it might be a good diversion this weekend since the weather is supposed to be crummy if we play a little six degrees game.

For instance, I’m three stops to Elvis. Hadley (my uncle) plays in Neil’s touring band with Ron Tutt, who drummed for Elvis. (The oldest, who’s also a drummer, met Ron backstage a few years ago.)

Ok, folks. Your turn. Even if you have to sign in anonymously, spill the beans!


  1. My sister dated Stevie Wonder’s best friend. I found the script for Stevie’s SNL appearance on her buffet.

    I went to high school with Bob Woodard, but never met him that I can recall. I was an underclassman when he was a senior.

  2. Not So Famous says:

    My great great uncle is Jack Baldschun who was a relief pitcher for the Phillies, Red and Padres (from ’61-70).

    It’s not that great.

  3. Last week, my sister was at the park with her kids. She got to talking with a woman. This woman’s best friend from high school is the younger sister of the guy who played “Jack” on Will and Grace. Evidently, “Jack” likes to redecorate every 2 years…so without any warning he loads up all of his old furniture and sends it cross-country to Wisconsin, where his sister lives.

    Not much of a connection…but kind of a fun story.

  4. Groan! I can’t even manage to clean out my closet every two years…

  5. When I was in the Army, I was writing to a girl in PA whom I had never met. She asked me if I could get Elvis’s autograph for her, so I drove up to his base which was about 20 miles away in time for the noon roll call. After the roll call, he was walking down the street and I pulled up next to him and got his autograph. I sent it off to her and didn’t think twice about it. I never met her and I wonder if she still has it?

    Now if you want MY autograph as someone who actually met and spoke to THE KING, they are only 49 cents each or 3 for $1.00.

  6. That’s an awesome story!

  7. I almost forgot! I was in a play in Ponca City, OK with Candy Loving’s mother. (But I guess we’d have to decide if the 25th edition Playboy centerfold is fame…)