Last night in the blogosphere

Don’t these guys sleep?

Our friend at Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative puts the recent headlines over rice sales into perspective:

Well it is Wal-Mart but not the whole chain.

The Illusory Tenant links to a history blog that takes us the the UK Telegraph:

The idea that oil painting was invented in Europe is overturned today by a remarkable discovery made as a result of one of the worst examples of cultural vandalism in recent years.

In 2001 the Taliban destroyed two ancient colossal Buddha statues in the Afghan region of Bamiyan, around 140 miles northwest of Kabul, which were hewn out of sandstone cliffs in the sixth century and, measuring up to 55 metres, were the biggest of their kind.

Jo Eghelhoff announces a run for the 57th district assembly seat.

Oh, and Kevin Fischer proves yet again that you shouldn’t plan the morning blog with an adult beverage in one hand and a keyboard in the other. No matter how cute it seemed to him at the time, the rest of us are left saying, “What?”


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