What if a majority of us don’t have problems?

This quote from Senator Barack Obama is in the Associated Press: (I doubt the link holds, but I’ll try to keep it updated.)

“Is race still a factor in our society? Yes. I don’t think anybody would deny that,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“Is that going to be the determining factor in a general election? No, because I’m absolutely confident that the American people – what they’re looking for is somebody who can solve their problems.”

What if a majority of voters don’t want someone to solve problems? Maybe, instead of an enabler, we’d like a leader. I don’t think America’s downtrodden outnumber America’s capable. It’s a crummy platform to run on, solving everyone’s problems. And it makes me wonder, has Obama already lost on the issues?


  1. Obama Hussein is weak once you get below the surface and he’ll never be elected. People will start paying attention in September and won’t like what they see. He a lightweight in every respect and he’s nothing but a product of the “Chicago machine”. Read the current issue of National Review to see how he got where he is…and it wasn’t on any of his accomplishments.

  2. If you are not aware of the problems facing America today, you’re either very lucky to be insulated from them, or are just being willfully ignorant.

    Given our past interactions, I would figure you’re just very darn lucky. But please don’t act like the country is doing swell. That is an insult to your readers’ intelligence.

  3. This is a pretty paltry grasp at straws. Leaders solve problems.

  4. Leaders try to solve problems like what to do about a nuclear North Korea or Iran.

    As for my family’s problems, I’m not looking to government to solve them. In fact, I want government to do just the opposite–stay out of my business.

    The spirit of America has always been a can-do spirit. America was and is the land of opportunity, if people are willing to work for it. (Immigrants still believe this, that is why they come.)

    We are in for trouble if people start looking to and believing government is responsible for curing all their woes.

  5. Perfectly said Kyle, but I’m afraid that the liberals have sold their souls to Big Brother and are looking to politicians for nirvana. They don’t have a clue as to who Patrick Henry was or what he stood for. Sadly, I think America’s best days are gone forever.

  6. I know plenty about Patrick Henry and our Founding Fathers. I know probably more than you do thanks to my great interest in pre-colonial and colonial American History. My AP History classes and two good teachers at East helped as well.

    I’m not going to argue that. I will however argue that if you’re going to pick apart the Foreign Policy of the candidates, Obama’s makes the most sense. Talk to the bas**rds. See how you can nudge them. Be diplomatic but don’t let them walk all over you. Bend but don’t break.

    Hillary is just McCain in nice clothing, and McCain can’t really lead on the greatest foreign policy question of our lifetime–the Middle East–when he can’t even remember the differences between Sunnis and Shia or Persians and Arabs.

    70% of American agree that we should not be in Iraq long-term. 70% of Americans disagree with John McCain’s foreign policy.

  7. Am I mistaken or didn’t everyone negotiate with Hitler before he invaded them? Hasn’t Israel been negotiating with the Palestinians and they are still shelled daily? Negotiations don’t work with people who are eager to die while killing us. We must kill them before they kill us…if we can identify who “them” are.

    If your figures are correct, I guarantee you that 70% of the people have no idea what Islam and the terrorists agenda is about. The major concern now is the economy, even while Iran is acquiring nuclear weapons and is threatening to obliterate Israel and the U.S. He believes he is the “chosen one” to usher in the 12th imam, or the Mahdi, and it requires a holocaust to do so.

    I don’t agree with anyone’s foreign policy when it comes to dealing with these crazies! There is no “bending”. It’s convert, become a dhimmi, or be killed. That’s the only choice Islam offers to us infidels!