I guess former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee liked fund raising. He’s still at it, starting the HuckPAC. Here’s the e-mail that just arrived:

We are getting Huck PAC up and going, and scheduling events with candidates as well as assisting with mailers, endorsements, and other forms of helping. I’m also meeting with key activists around the country to discuss getting conservatives engaged and focused on the elections.

We are working to get our website a reliable source of good information and inspiration. We welcome your input and views on that, but starting today, will be making sure that there are fresh updates on the site each day. We want the website to be an ongoing conversation and community where our folks get together and exchange views and news as well as hear what’s happening in the field.

Some of you heard that I had to withdraw from running the Boston Marathon and worried that I had a serious injury. Not at all. I’m running, just not able to cover distances of more than about 5-7 miles until I get some knee issues worked out, which I am working on with some exercises, orthotics, and therapy when I find time for it. It’s nothing serious—runners know it as “runner’s knee” which involves overstretched IT bands in the leg that affect the knee. It is frustrating of course, but not debilitating.

I’m speaking in Las Vegas today to a convention, then off to Montana to help raise funds for a Christian school and later to help a GOP candidate for Lieutenant Governor who chaired our Montana effort. Then off to Alabama to help raise funds for a wonderful Christian ministry to children in Dothan. In the meantime, I’m frantically working on my 6th book to meet a deadline that will get the book to the market just before Thanksgiving. I’ll have more information about it coming soon. I’m excited about the book because it’s about YOU—how ordinary Americans took an unknown and underfinanced candidate and took him to a 2nd place finish in the Presidential primary and how it has changed the dynamics of the election process forever.

There are many major things in the wings for the near future that we’ll be announcing on the website as soon as we can. Let us keep hearing from you. Tell us what is happening in your area. What are people feeling and thinking about the future of our nation? It’s sure encouraging to hear from you. Janet and I are so grateful for your support for Huck PAC and the candidates we hope to feature.

Yours for a VERTICAL America!

Mike Huckabee

Really? A “vertical” America? I wonder what this PAC pays Mr. Huckabee to lead. Sure sounds like a way to bring home the bacon if you ask me. I also think this type of fund raising for self promotion is the kiss of death for any future campaign he might entertain.

I’m disappointed. Really. Huckabee had qualities that I enjoyed. I can’t say I recognized narcissism in greater doses than any of the other candidates prior to today. This is over the top, though.


  1. The vertical thing is code.

  2. Whoa! Thanks for the clue!