No, Miley, No!

Billy Ray Cyrus should have an Achy Breaky Heart over this shot of his little girl Miley that’s in Vanity Fair.

The Disney Hannah Montana star is 15 years old.

Oh, we’ve seen this at least a dozen times before. Child star is set into a grownup environment. Parents of child star gasp publicly when child star is shown in less than pure light. Child star jumps into the big time, paparazzi in tow.

Mr. Cyrus had his 15 minutes of fame. I’m confused as to why he’s pushing his daughter like this.


  1. Cheri M. says:

    From the ET report on tv, Miley’s parents were there for the February shoot of designated photos. Then after they left, Annie Leibovitz had Miley pose for the photo in question.

    While it is not graphic and as much skin may bee seen at the public swimming pool, that is a different context entirely. The photo, billed as topless, depicts the nude minor loosely draped in a sheet and wearing a bit of a beckoning or come hither expression. Very “artistic”. It ties in well with things we’ve been discussing recently. Do moms want this behavior from a child star their daughters look up to? Most importantly, do moms want this as a role model for success? Will moms continue to pay millions of dollars per year to promote this child star to their own children?

    It may be too early to tell, and the damage control efforts seem to be significant, but Miley may have just taken one step in the same direction Britney Spears did years ago.

    I appreciate that Miley issued an apology for the photo and a statement of her embarassment about it… saying Annie wanted this pose and one cannot say ‘no’ to Annie Lebovitz. Hmmm… can one say ‘no’ to their future? Unfortunately, it happens all too often.

    This apology reminds me of the Bible story in which the serpent tempted Eve to eat fruit from the forbidden tree, saying that just a bite would make her equal to God for then she would know both good… and evil. One bite did it, causing Eve to want to hide herself in shame.

    Time will tell what the level of public forgiveness… and the impact upon a generation of young fans… is.

  2. “No” certainly came to mind for me, too. At 15 there are a lot of things you’re going to need to say “no” to out there. I also wonder if the event is more of a publicity coup to take Miley out of the teeny bopper realm and into big girl stuff.

    The report I saw said a grandmother was still there, as well as her publicist.

  3. Cheri M. says:

    Yes, it’s a shame that our society sees wholesomeness as teeny-bopperish and coming with a need to graduate to big girl stuff. What about having a wholesome big girl?

    I also heard a grandmother and publicist were there… and chuckled to myself, wondering what the definition of “there” was? What poximity and level of involvement are indicated by being “there”? Were they around the set? In the same photography studio, watching photos being taken? Helping to pose and drape Miley? Choosing photos for publication?

    Last I heard, you can’t fire a grandmother… but one could certainly distance themselves from a publicist who’d dirty double-crossed ’em. Again, time will tell.

    Meanwhile, I’m also wondering what price was paid for these photos… what Miley earned for these poses.

  4. Al Goreleone says:

    Miley is already enormously rich and famous. Didn’t need to do it for the money. For the notoriety ? To keep up with the Spears ?