Obama bests McCain in Badger Poll matchup

48% to 41% according to the poll released today. The result is within the margin of error.

It means, my fairly conservative friends, that if you want a Republican to win Wisconsin, you’d better plan on making the effort. I received my call from McCain headquarters on Saturday. I’m on the list. Time to consider if you’ll be doing the footwork this fall.

I have to mention something that’s bothered me – that I ran into in the blogs this weekend. There’s a push by some very conservative members to give Senator John McCain a conservative warning. They want to put bumper stickers and signs upside down as a signal to the Senator that conservatives have his support, but with conditions. That’s a fine way to lose in November, if you ask me. You guys on the far right flank – either you are in or you’re out.

Consider the consequences of losing this race because of stubbornness.


  1. I would think Obama would fare better among college graduates and younger voters. Those are his demographics. I’ll wait for the SUSA poll. They’re the best.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I will buy the younger voter hypothesis but not so sure about the college grad thing, but keep me posted on the other poll.

  3. I just saw the cover of Newsweek: Obama’s Bubba Gap. They illustrate it with arugula on one side and beer on the other. (That’s a lot snobbier than anything he ever said!) If he doesn’t resonate with beer drinkers and he still carries Wisconsin, we might as well just coronate him.