Voter ID: The time is now

SCOTUS upheld voter ID in Indiana. Now that the question of constitutionality is resolved, it’s time for Wisconsin to pass a voting ID law.

If Democrats are so sure that they have the majority of voter’s blessing at the voting booth, they shouldn’t have a problem with implementing a law that helps to ensure one person with one vote.


  1. Democrats will never pass a voter ID bill with Doyle in office. They know that the violators normally vote for them, so they don’t want to lose any of those votes. It’s sad but true and just another case of the politicians looking out for themselves and not for the people.

  2. Out of state Democratic party activists are quite active in WI come election time. I wonder why ?

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    Maybe if the state agency that processes IDs for voters would give out free smokes, then they’d be flocking to the facilities to get one!

  4. I have a question: Let’s say this poorly veiled attempt at racism became the law in this state. Would you be complaining on how high the fees and/or taxes will become to pay for it so that it doesn’t become a poll tax? And why should someone get their ID for free when I pay for mine? Now we’re getting into a socialist state? I thought you people were conservatives.

  5. You’re going to need to explain your comment with regard to racism before I respond.

    Your comment regarding an increase in fees/taxes is noted.

  6. Cindy, it’s pretty obvious. What demographic would be most affected by such a law?

  7. No, it’s not obvious Capper. That’s an assumption. Can you please back it up?