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Elmbrook, this one’s for you.

Brookfield Central’s principal Donald LaBonte has been MIA. He’s also in the midst of a divorce. I received a truly anonymous piece of regular mail today. There’s an excerpt below, but you can see the whole pdf version here.

LaBonte’s out-of-wedlock rendezvous comes on the heels of his absence from Central’s April 17th Parent Teachers Conferences. Allegedly, LaBonte was out sick and couldn’t attend conferences that evening, yet he was sighted entering a tanning booth at the Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) in Waukesha that very same evening.

So now I’m wondering…is this new love interest tied to Central as well? Do tell. I’m sure someone knows.

Elmbrook has such trouble with administration, don’t you think?


  1. Quotable says:

    Is someone pulling your leg? Yanking your chain? Pushing your buttons? Pulling one over on you? This looks like a late April-Fool’s prank to me.

    I mean, it’s just SO over-the-top!

  2. Have you ever met LaBonte? Nah, it may have some spin, but I bet it checks out.

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    Hey, do I get a commission on the fill in the balloon contest… lol.

    Two comments. First, he’s on vacation, but not yet divorced. Great moral example for your students Don. Second, the writer may have inadvertently gotten it right, the line about ‘Labonte was just doing what was best for the students at Central.’ And that would be… not being there!

  4. Kelly Frank says:

    Does anyone have concrete facts on this matter and how it impacts his job performance? He’s in the midst of a divorce (which according to CCAP was filed 6/22/07, not within the last few days or weeks) and he decides to go on vacation with someone else, does it really matter?

    As a principal of a large school, is there EVER a good time to take vacation? I’d argue no, but that’s why there is additional administration within the building – to take charge when the principal is out. There’s always something that would have been missed. He’s entitled to vacation time.

    So, I my opinion, the man should be left alone to handle his personal life and his personal time outside of the public spotlight.

  5. The principal’s is a 12 month contract, i believe.

  6. BrkfldDad says:

    Kelly, I totally disagree on the ‘length of time’ argument, you are either married or not, and it’s not an example to be looked up to. On contracts, Shawn I believe you are correct, and by now he’s usually offered and accepted next year’s contract.

  7. Cheri M. says:

    Kelly, methinks you protest too much.

    Our school system raises the students’ sexual awareness at an early age… in 5th grade there’s “The Shadow Children” in which a girl discusses bras with a boy, and boys draw nude picture of girls in class… in middle school the students see a video of Frankenstein with a love scene added… also a video sharing that Shakespeare was most likely homosexual or bisexual (Sonnet 20).

    Thus the children are taught, by means of carefully selected “literature”, to discuss private matters, be curious about others’ bodies, be involved with others’ bodies whilst not married with them, and to have conjecture on others’ sexual lives. All before becoming teens!

    Try frosting this well-baked educational cake with a few hours of Human Growth and Development classes which discuss the great increase in the TYPES of sexually transmitted infections, the epidemic RATE of infection in our society, the health ravages from oral & cervical cancers, to infertility, to terrible birth defects. Try discussing self-discipline, delayed gratification, unmasking sexual con games, preserving physical and emotional health, and developing lasting and healthy relationships… when the role models in positions of power and authority are demonstrating the opposite, undermining your best efforts.

    If people cannot agree on morals and values, perhaps they would agree on issues of public health and safety, and expemplify the good choices we emphasize with the students.

    Poor choices in this area will prove costly not only a personal level but on an economic level as the STIs are predicted to become a great public health burden in future years.

    Many symptoms do not show outwardly as the diseases ravage the body from inside. People continue to spread the diseases, many of which are incurable (generally viruses which are much smaller than bacteria). Both virus and bacteria are much smaller than a sperm cell and may be transmitted despite condom usage. Some may be spread by kissing an infected person.

    Know the facts. Get tested. Be pure.

    According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) http://www.cdc.gov/STD/, April 2008 is Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Awareness month.

  8. Kelly Frank says:

    BD –

    There are different standards that I think apply. If he was a spiritual leader, I can understand the argument that he should wait until everything is final. However, he is a public school principal and I don’t believe that his religious and moral convictions in this case are up for question. He is doing nothing illegal and his vacation does not impact the students or their performance.

    We all don’t know the details of what is going on in this situation, nor do I care to. It’s his business, and should remain as such.

  9. Actually, adultery is a class I (sorry about the corrections, I finally found the statute!) FELONY in Wisconsin. While he’s married, hooking up with someone else is adultery.

    I’d disagree that his absence doesn’t impact the students.

  10. BC Senior says:

    Wow. I understand you are all concerned about your children, but come on. Mr. LaBonte is just as entitled to vacation time as everyone else… and I’m pretty sure that is in his contract. He works hard at BC. I see him almost every day in the hallways, and he always smiles and says hi. He helped out immensely with the referendum and has put a lot of time and effort into making our school the best it can be in the meantime. Mr. LaBonte comes on announcements every Friday (or one of the other administrators) and congratulates/encourages sports teams, extracurricular activities, etc. He really cares about our school and the kids in it. He is strict, but as he should be. He’s a good guy and tries to make BC the best possible place for us students to grow.

    “Actually, adultery is a class I (sorry about the corrections, I finally found the statute!) FELONY in Wisconsin. While he’s married, hooking up with someone else is adultery.”
    ^ Cindy, I’m glad you are concerned about the *well-being* of us students here at school, but quite honestly it seems you enjoy gossipping more than anything within this blog. It’s your blog, and you can say what you want in it, but it seems like you are just looking to start controversy with the slightest information tip-off. Honestly, if I got a letter in my mailbox, I wouldn’t make a big deal and start throwing accusations until I checked my facts. Mr. LaBonte is entitled to his vacation time and where he chooses to go or whom he goes with is entirely his choice.

    Don’t worry, Cindy, this comment is annonymous, so you can definetly trust its contents.

    (By the way… I thought it was bad when I heard some Brookfield parents spent an hour watching Desperate Housewives during the day, but your latest ranting definitely tops my list. Have you considered a hobby? The copy room at your child’s school could always use more parent volunteers…)

  11. BC Senior, since your comment came from the Elmbrook Schools IP at 4:45pm on an early release day, I kind of, sort of, doubt you are a senior. But that’s ok. I’m so busy eating bon-bons that it just doesn’t worry me one little bit!

  12. An Adult says:

    Dear BCSenior,
    Because we are wonderful people we will read *your* rantings and consider the source… a minor, not earning your own way in life, inexperienced in relationships, not paying the property taxes which become Mr. LaBonte’s salary. He is on the public payroll to educate our children and is our duty to know what’s going on.

    When you’ve matured you may weigh the matters we’re discussing as being more important than being nice by saying “hi”.

    It appears that in your case, Elmbrook has failed in it’s mission of educating you to think, learn, and succeed. However it seems someone has succeeded in indoctrinating you in relativism.

    Thank you for sharing your immature view with us. We needed a good chuckle. Perhaps a few years in college will teach you something.

  13. Yet another personality emerging?? There are so many…I may need a score card to keep track.

  14. Funny, Libby, but you aren’t the only reader to think that “Walter” strikes again. I don’t think so, though. Heck, maybe it’s LaBonte!

  15. I Teach says:

    I think you are all missing the boat…..why don’t we talk about the morality of the divorce first? We should not only include Mr. LaBonte but also a great number of parents in this district. Who wants to start THAT debate!!! Who do you think has a more negative effect on YOUR children…Mr. LaBonte’s vacation or your divorce when your kids where growing up?

  16. Curious George says:

    Curious George misses the boat.

    You want to change the subject from Illegality-Of-Adultery to Morality-Of-Divorce?

    Curious George does not understand. Curious George not have a divorce while childern were growing up. Curious George did not have adultery either. Curious George sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil, does no evil.

    Except for missing the boat.

  17. Kathryn says:

    George, the point was more along the line of specks and moats, casting the first stone. The name of the boat is MYOB.

  18. I Teach says:

    Congrats CG for not abandoning your oath!

  19. Curious George says:

    MYOB? I should eat a banana and follow the man in the yellow hat all day and not care about how his tax dollars are spent on salaries of those we wish would teach no evil?

  20. The Sheep of Bo Peep says:

    Curious George, I think we’d be friends!

  21. Kathryn says:

    Just translating, little friend.

  22. I Teach says:

    The most important people “teaching no evil” to the kids has to be their parents!

  23. Cheri M. says:

    Dear “I Teach”,
    Well said.

    I agree that parents are the primary teachers in developing values, attitudes, and behavior. For me, personally, it is somewhat distressing when what we teach at home is not echoed in the schools. It makes it seem there are two sets of rules: what is right, and what one can get away with.

    I have two thoughts to consider:

    1) While parents may influence their children for awhile, there comes a point in time when children are developing independence, questioning whether their parents’ rules went out of fashion with the big hair of the 80’s, etc. This rite of passage generally occurs in middle and high school. This is a normal phase for children to test their observations of the world and compare them with what they’ve learned at home. Therfore I believe it is reasonable to expect the leaders to be role models, offering themselves by virtue of their employment in the capacity of teachers, principals, etc, in positions of influence and authority over our children, to be someone the students could look toward as an example of good choices.

    2) While parents may have influence over their 1 to 9 or so children specifically, those in positions of authority over our children may influence multiple classes of 25 or so students per day… or whole schools of hundreds of children.

    In summary, being children, they may be more attracted to happiness in the moment than to the resilency, perseverance, and sacrifice which come with a long marriage… and are hallmarks of building a mature character.