Obama on Wright’s “rants”

There’s a press conference on now. Obama is trying to explain this one away yet again. Trouble is, it won’t go away. Obama is saying Wright made a caricature of himself in yesterday’s speech.

Guess what. When you name a book after this guy’s sermons, and sit in the church where he preaches year after year, and first say he’s cool…well, now you kind of gotta own it.

This is getting interesting.

Here’s Wright’s Q&A from yesterday:

I’ll post the Obama speech when I find it.

UPDATE: 6:00pm


  1. Delete me if I’ve already posted this


  2. Silly stuff indeed!

  3. What is truly sad is that 20,000 members of this “church” aren’t hearing the “love your neighbor” command or the true gospel message. There are so many people who attend a church where they hear what they want to hear rather than what God has given to us in his Word. There are so many huge megachurches that are preaching “prosperity” doctrine and the leaders live high on the hog. Wright’s $1.65 million home being built with the offerings of people to do God’s work is something he is going to answer for when this life ends. Poor blacks suffering in Africa and he lives the oppulent lifestyle? This man is not a disciple of Jesus Christ!

  4. Unbelievable. I could defend Rev. Wright on a few levels, but this display is just a tantrum. Better if he had stayed home.

  5. Elijah. Maybe Paul.