Sooner or later, even I hit a point of saturation

That’s the case with Illinois Senator Barack Obama. I don’t care if he’s denounced his pastor. I don’t care if he’s “cocky and competatitve.”

I don’t care if Michelle’s dad worked the machine, or his daughters like to see Daddy on a t-shirt.

At some point, it’s over. And I’m there.

So. In honor of my “I’m so done with Obama” moment of recognition, I’m going to turn on the TV. If Sponge Bob is on, I’ll watch. Then I’ll tune into that titillating moment of American history called American Idol (You know, where people actually vote?) and watch Uncle Hadley. I’ll work a bit on some upcoming travel. Heck, I’ll probably even do the dishes.

I just thought I’d let you in on it all. You know…in case you missed me. It’s been a very odd day. And somehow I knew it all when I woke up this morning.

Towanda! –Cindy


  1. Conservative adults – even fairly conservative adults should have been done with him months ago.